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I first met my match on this web site, we communicated by email first then through msn, then phone then in person, this only took two weeks to get to the face to face though. I could not believe how much we have in common. Any way I'm a one man woman so I have removed myself from all sites so I can get to know him better and see where it leads...

Tips for women:

Know what you want in a partner and don't settle for less.
find out everything you want/need to know, don't be shy if they are genuine they'll stick with it.

If they are being coy, they are married or have a partner and if that is something your not after don't mess with them, chances are there are more than just two getting hurt.

If you don't like them say so, most men want honesty and respect you for it, no point settling for second best. Respect your self. put current pictures up, if there isn't one chances are you'll get little or no response and don't be shy about who you are.

When doing a profile think about what type of person you are and be real because "Who you are makes a difference "

for men:

read profiles properly. women don't want to talk dirty when you first make contact, get to know them better first. If a woman says no she usually means no. have some respect how you act first time says a lot. be real and honest.

To everyone who visits this site, I think it's the best thing since sliced bread and would not hesitate to use this site again. Keep It Real folks life is to short for regrets and enjoy what this site can do for you.

All the best and thanks to the staff who monitor this site Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kind Regars,

Naomi (Jenn66)