Thank you for making my life

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My story so far.

I had never been on an internet dating site and it was only by chance that me and one of my friends were messing around on the computer on night that I ended up putting yself on your sight.

It was fun to received winks and messages, but as I have heard many things about people on the internet, I was not planning on agreeing to meet any of them.

Then one day I received a nice email. I was feeling a little fed up at the time and I dont know what made me do it but I replied to the email.

After communicating back and fourth with a few emails, he asked me to add him to my msn, so we could talk more online. I thought about it for a little while, then thought whats the worst that could happen talking on msn, I still dont have to meet him.

So over the next year, we chated off and on, he always suggested we meet, but I still kept him at arms length. In fact he was very patient and was suprised he never gave up.

Then one day whilst chating online, he asked again when are we going to meet, I think I just ran out of excuses of why I could not, so found myself typing Monday as I am off work due to it being a bank holiday.

He agreed to meet me at my local station and I still thought I would never go through with it.

Monday came and I to this day dont know why I did it, but I found myself in my car driving towards the station, thinking what am I doing, I must be mad.

I pulled up outside the station and there was this very good looking man standing there and I thought that cant be him, he is too good looking he wont like me.

He must have recognised me from my picture, because he came straight over to me said hi and got in my car.

We went to my flat and talked for a while and I was still thinking this is too good to be true, he is being polite and when he goes home I will never see him again.

I was wrong, he was always so sweet to me and as he worked near where I lived he would come and meet me from work, I saw him every day and could not get enough of him.

I now believe in love at first sight, I adore him and love him with all my heat. We now live together a year and a half on and are planning on starting a family. My family all love him and I am in fact writing this from his brothers computer in Spain as he has bought me here on holiday.

I consider myself a very lucky lady to have found my perfect Mr Right. He is amazing.

Thank you for making my life and I hope others are as lucky as me.