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I sent Patrick a wink, wow, it must have been at least a year before he got back to me, but this site is great at keeping old information and contact stuff for you! We talked on the phone a few times and agreed to meet and have lunch. Lunch turned into dinner, which turned into sitting in a park, watching the stars and talking until 4 a.m.! My roommates were so worried, but i knew then that he was something worth "staying up for". Fast forward 7 months and we're in town visiting my parents for christmas. He spends a lot of alone time with my dad during this vacation. We're out for dinner at a favorite Italian resturant with 2 of our close friends. He gets up to go to the bathroom, saying his "tummy is a little upset". I continue to munch on some brushetta, when i see him come back from the corner of my eye. He's smiling really big, which always makes me smile back of course, so i'm all grin when he passes his seat and comes to my left side, looks me in the eye and gets down on one knee. I immediately start crying and squealing. He asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes! Not 2 mintues after the engagement, did a nice older gentlemen come to us and let us know he's a pastor and we can do this right here and now! ahhhh!! I told him my mother would have my hyde! The night was magical. Everyone in my party in on it, BUT ME. I hugged him and kissed him and told him how much he mean't to me, but it was muffled by the applause and cheering of the restuarant crowd. We'll be saying I DO in October of 2009. Patrick and I would NEVER have met without this site. He was in Georgia and I was in Kansas. Thank you largefriends, you have made the difference in the rest of our lives. :)

Advice to other members:

LOOK ABROAD! For many months, all i did was search locally, but remember if it's mean't to be, it'll find a way---or a train ticket!