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My wife and I meet on here 6 years ago. I lived in Northern California and she lived in Southern California. We meet on largefriends on April. 19, 2005. We talked on the phone all day and all night. In June 2005, I drove down to meet her. She came up here to visit me July 4th weekend and decided to stay with me. We were engaged Labor Day weekend September 2005 and married on May. 13, 2006. So we have been married 5 years and counting. From day one we have been best friends and are definitly each others soulmate. We have not been apart except for one day. That was the day before our wedding. What a wonderful journey we have shared so far. We love each other so much. Thank you largefriends! If you had not exsisted, we would have never found each other.

Advice to other members:

Do not give up. Make sure you are true about what you are looking for in a mate. Just be yourself and the right one will come to you. You know you found the right person for you when you do not have to do a whole lot to be shown love. When you are with the right person for you, where you came from, the amount of money you have,and the way you look in them morning does not matter. Respect and honesty is automatically there. LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL!