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Following a wink at each other and the tentative e-mailing that followed, I soon discovered someone who shared my sense of fun, who possessed a sharp wit, an eye for the ridiculous and an ability to share it! Within a few days we were e-mailing furiously for most of the evenings, then followed a suggestion to speak on the 'phone for a chat. That chat lasted 7 1/2 hours, and over the next three weeks I racked up 43 hours on my mobile telephone and a bill for over ¿600 - she had gone to Spain for a holiday at the time!! A fortnight later we met for lunch - which stretched through the afternoon to dinner and then the next morning to breakfast and a reluctant parting. A month further on and another 50-odd hours on the phone we have met 3 more times and are both realising that life really can begin at 40!!!