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Kim & Scott

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In February of 2013 I got back on this site just to look for fun. I didn't have a picture up or anything describing myself on my profile. I just wanted to see what was out there. That's when I came across Scott's profile. His goofy, yet adorable pictures of himself and the way he described himself and his faith got my attention. I jokingly told my best friend "He's a big, Christian man with a red goatee and a sweet truck...he's my soulmate!" little did I know!! Now I am not one to take the first move when it comes to meeting someone but after a couple days of thinking about it I decided that what the heck! I'll send him a message. So I wrote him a message and waited, thinking that he wouldn't respond because I had no picture or information about myself. Well he responded and we hit it off right away. We would talk all night, every night for awhile until we just had to start getting sleep. It's almost a year later and little did I know that what I had said to my best friend would be so true. There have been a handful of days since that we haven't skyped or talked on the phone and we have been able visit each other three times. We are planning a wedding for next year and I cant wait to start our lives together...did I mention I'm in Indiana and he is in Florida? Little did that matter. God just put us a little further apart than most people. I believe that has brought us closer together on a deeper level. He has become my best friend and imagining life without him is impossible. Thank you LargeFriends for being the connection between me and my soulmate.