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I have found him

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Well I never thought I would be here sharing my success story but here goes. I had not used the site for around 3 years for I met a few guys but nothing ever clicked between us so I sort of stopped looking.
From time to time I would get an e-mail telling me that I had a wink or the like but never went back to using the site. Then at the end of January 2009 I thought I would take my profile off the site once and for all.
Once I had signed in I thought I would take a look at some of the guys profiles (well you never know do you) There were 3 profiles that I thought I would contact with a wink,then I saw him and I just knew I had to contact him the feeling was that strong but not with a wink that would never do so the next thing I knew I was using my card to pay for a months membership.
I got back to his profile and it was then I noticed that he hadn't used the site for over a month my heart sank as for all I knew he could have found someone already or like myself no longer be using the site, but I sent the e-mail anyway well what had I got to loose.
It was about 4 days later that I got an wink from him saying that he wasn't a full member so I e-mailed him with my e-mail address, he replied with his mobile number so I text ed him and he then phoned me.
As soon as I heard his voice I knew I had been right to contact him,though I had no idea what he was thinking but something was telling me it was right and I had to act on that feeling. His name is Bill and over the next two days we talked for hours and hours it was like I had knowen him all my life, it was a little scary but what the hell you only live once,so when Bill said he wanted to meet me I couldn't say no. So 10 days from sending him the first e-mail I was going to meet him. I work nights and got in from a 13 hour shift but I wasn't tired at all in fact sleep was the last thing on my mind. We were met on the afternoon of 7th of February yes I know it's only been 22 day from our fist talking to each other but we both feel that we were meant and made for each other in all my adult life I have never had such strong feelings for someone nor have I ever known from just looking at someone's photo the he would be the one but he is, and I Love him and I am in Love with him and what makes it even more amazing is he feels the same way about me. I never believed in fate or kismet or what ever you wish to call it but I am convinced that we were meant to meet and by some greater power we have and I now know it's true when they say there is someone out there for every one you just have to keep looking. I am sure that some of you reading this will be shaking your heads and saying it's too quick, all I can say to you is when it's right, it's right, it's as simple as that and you'll know it when it happens to you. We have no photos of us together at this time ( I don't like photos of me) but when we do I will post them on the site.

Advice to other members:

All I can say to othere is (A) don't stop looking (like I almost did) (B)listen to your heart and (C)just go for it life is to short not to.