I'm bored. DATING

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    Hi everyone. I've never done this before but thought I'd give it a try. I'm from a small town in Oklahoma. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to meet decent guys once your out of school and live in a tiny little town? I've only had one serious relationship in my life and feel like time is quickly ticking away. Everyone says I'm young...if only I felt it. This online dating scene doesn't seem to be the key either. I'm up for any suggestions...
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    Well, keep plugging away at getting your license, because that will open doors for you professionally. Glad to hear you are open to relocating. Use the time you have now to pamper yourself!! And also, check out the churches and see what they're up to.

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    I work with children in TFC or theraputic level foster care. I am not a member of any organizations because again I'm in a rural area and there is nothing near by to attend. I did attend NASW and NACSW meetings when I was in school. ( I just graduated last May). Relocating is an option...just not for another year. I am working on obtaining my license. I have had a year of supervision and I only have one more to go...woo hoo!!
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    Hi vkbloom:

    I just ready your profile. You're a counselor? I also have a degree in counseling. What population do you work with?

    Are you a member of any local or national professional associations for counselors? If not, join some!! They offer workshops, conferences, great places to meet people. I think the American Counseling Association has a group specfically for counselors of faith. Check it out!!

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    Are there any larger cities you can travel to to search out volunteer opportunities? Perhaps you also need to consider relocating at some point, if not out of your state, maybe to a bigger, more vibrant city in your state. You seem like you absolutely want to get out and experience life, and a small town doesn't seem to be the best place for you to do that. It's a big world out there!! Think about it.

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    There probably is. This town has only 2600 people and so opportunity is few and far between. There is no hospital or community organizations. I could look more into the churches. People here just seem so closed.
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    Are there any opportunities to do some volunteer work in your area? I've been doing some lately and I really enjoy it. The people I tend to meet are really energetic, fun, and positive. Perhaps a hospital, soup kitchen, animal shelter, school, church, etc. could use your help?