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    This weekend I decided I needed to buy bras. It has been awhile since I purchased them since they are so ugly for someone my size. I refuse to buy them at a store any more because I get too discouraged. I spent hours online looking for pretty bras for someone my size instead of the old grandma ones... All i got for my troubles was spyware from a site i visited!!! I really wish i could find pretty bras. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get some pretty bras that are on the larger side?
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    I sincerely think that Old Navy has taken some great strides in accomodating plus-size women. By creating an entire line specifically for women like us, I think that they've really opened the doors. I no longer have to walk into that store, worrying about picking through the scant selection of "extended sizes" based on a size eight. You can get some real super clearance bargains too, both in-store and on-line. And they have some *CUTE* stuff. I recommend it, though I'm slightly addicted.
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    I work for The Avenue. Personally i think the clothes there are horrible. However the Bootcut stretch jeans are nice. They fit nice around the tush area. The bra's are so-so and the Cheeky Panties are so cute! I wouldnt buy really anything else there except the items I mentioned above. Oh the 1 pair of Cloudwalkers Boots i own are pretty sweet. But other then that i wouldnt bother shopping there. Alot of the items are frumpy and shapeless. You would do much better wearing a potato sack. xo
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    I love buying clothes and I have found lots of places to shop on-line. Here a few:

    Layne Bryant
    Roamans (Sizes up to 6x)
    Just My Size
    Jessica London

    These stores have extended sizes and usually have great clearance sales sometimes even under $10.00. Let me know if any of you have tried them out!!
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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm new to this site and think that all of you are so funny and so RIGHT about the issue of plus size clothes.
    I am actually thinking of starting up a clothing line (online) that caters to teens and women. Clothes that are nothing like Lane! I hate that I have to shop at the same store that my mom shops at. I think that we all deserve to dress our age and look fabulous doing so - haha - so if any of you have any ideas or certain types of clothing that you would like to see in your size - please tell me - i really think that we not only need better clothes - but totally deserve it!
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    Where have i been i live in NewYork and i have never heard of Torrid,I guess i need to go check it out on line.
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    I totally agree about Torrid-- vampiress777 you should definately check the site out. It was started by a really cool goth girl who worked for Dic kies (one of my company's clients) and she got fed up and started her own cool line of clothes for goth/punk plus size girls
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    well i guess we all always look cute because most of us shop at torrid!!! it's a store for bbw that does'nt make you feel like all you can wear are tents nothing cute or sexy. so if you have'nt checked it it check out the web site and look for a store near you!!!!!
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    My gosh I love Torrid too. I am over in Australia and buy online from torrid probably every few months (the credit card doesn't like it)!
    In Aus we have 1626 and Beme which have clothes for 16-26.(Although a lot are more for the mature lady like my great gran, but have the occasional nice piece and fantastic plus size jewellry). Or a great place I like to shop over here is Chain Reaction as they go up to a size 26 and still have fashionable clothing that doesn't look like something my gran would wear. :)
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    All of this is why I learned to sew MANY years ago! When I REALLY want something totally new to wear, I look in stores and online to find styles I like. Then I shop for patterns of them and fabrics I like. No more "old lady" fabrics & prints for me! I can also tailor the garments to fit me better (ie longer in the torso, etc). It's what works for me.

    For clothes off the rack, try Avenue - they go to size 30-32 in the store and higher online. They have a pretty good mix of dressy and casual.
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    I totally agree! If I had any talent whatsoever, I would become a plus sized fashion designer. Who told the fashion industry that we wanted to wear moo-moo's all the time?? And why do so many plus-sized clothes come in only one shape...paper bag?? Don't the more volumptuous, more beautiful women come in as many sizes as our emaciated counterparts??

    Could it be another way for culture to keep us down? No, no, that's just my paranoia leaking in.... I mean, I always notice that when I look great, I really feel great. I hate that I had such a hard time finding clothes to look great in. But now.....look out world!! LOL
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    Torrid is great! We don't have a Torrid up in Canada, so when I was in California recently, I spent too much!
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    cow print....

    i love torrid it's a great store!!!!! i'm so glad they opened on by me!!!!! i'd love to model for a plus size catolog!!!
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    Plus size clothing in England is absolutely a complete nightmare!!!!

    There are currently 3 high street shops which cater for BBW, and then it depends on the size of the town you live in as to wether they stock the larger clothe range! lol. It truely is outrageous!. As nice as it is to shop online or via mail order it just aint the same as going into town and having a good shop!
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    i LOOOVEEEE torrid!!! i refused to go on holiday to the USA unless there was one nearby (spent $400... oopsie) but a warning if ordering off the site - i ordered about ?100 worth of clothes and was charged ?50 for delivery off Royal Mail (made-up charges n all that rubbish) once it got here - all beacuse they had a label on the box sayin the value of the items =\
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    I only have one word to say (although I'll certainly say a few more)'s Torrid. . It seems to be an answer to this forum about womens clothes. They are plus sized women's clothes being modeled by plus size women. I have spent more money in there then I like to admit! It's not too expensive and the sizes are concurrent with most others, they don't run too big or too small. I woill recommend them until the day I die. Hope this helps!! :)
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    Thanks for all your tips ladies. Normally when Im looking for clothes I prefer not to do the catalog thing, but wanted to give it a try. But honestly I prefer going and trying on clothes since I try to hide certain parts of my body (aka my belly)and not all clothes are flattering on me. But would love to see some sexier clothes with nicer materials for us lovely larges. I am also in search of some cute and thinning looking bathing suits that dont go all the way up my back and neck. And I am soooo tired of wearing black.
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    Hi everyone. As a plus-size woman I've certainly known the frustration of not finding clothes I like, but things are getting better. I recommend the BiB H&M clothing line for very affordable plus-size clothes. (Not sure if they exist in the US) And Marina Rinaldi for the more upscale options.
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    Hehehe,well for guys:
    try King Size Direct,they have a website,and awsome formalAND casual clothes and accessories and fit any size really,I would know,I looked through my brothers catalog,saw an awsome pair of camo pants,had to have em,I wear lots of guy clothes,kind of a tom boy hehe :)
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    So far i have found one awesome store that carries plus sizes and they actually look good and feel good...It's called Cotton Ginny Plus...My favorite store...If they ever closed up i would just die...It's the only place i can actually get clothes that are not made of polyester or look like maternity clothes and the jeans do not have elastic waist bands...OMG lol...they are nice and fitted, and actual cotton...But seriously i know what you guys are saying, and i also defenitely think there needs to be more stores for us with nice stylish clothing with plus size models...that would be a bonus.....I also agree, i think that Operah should do a show on this...let me know if you get in touch with would love to hear what she says ....Ok enough mumbling lol...time to let someone else speek <<<<