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    today I went into one of the affiliates listed on this site and was a bit upset.. I was looking at the plus sized clothing, but have you noticed that the models wearing these clothes that we are supposed to buy are all skinny women.. that really irked me... Do these advertisers really think that I would want to buy something that looks good on a thin woman, i want to see how it would look on a woman more my size... What do you all think? And if so is there anyway we can contact these dumb advertisers to let them know we want real women wearing our clothes in ads... What do you think?
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    I've loved clothes & fashion since I was little, but it was hard for me to find clothes in my size growing up and then I was told: just take what you can get. But now, there's such great stores like: Citi Trends, Cato, Its Fashion, The Avenue, Ann Taylor, Ashley Stewart, Torrid, and there's another great online site for the plus-size fashion mavens...has anyone ever heard of Igigi?? Not only do they have cute, stylish clothes, they actually have full-figured and beautiful models modeling them...with smiles on their faces!

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    Hi my name is kathy and im interested in seeing some of your work do you have a web site or a catalog please get in touch with me
    best wishes kathy
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    Hey ladies, I have all your needs met! I am doing custom made swimwear, Capri's, shorts, shirts etc. 1X-5X and you can pick out the style you want, the size you want and even the fabric you wish to create your very own custom look.
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    I used to work for the Avenue which is a plus size womens store. And they had an advertisement with their skinny model on the front and the touch up was not done righ6t. You could see how the shirt was pinned so it looked like it would fit. My gosh!! On another note some women like the loud flower prints, weird animal prints and such. Some of things we would get at the Avenue made me cringe, but then they were some of the things that sold the fastest.
    Theres a store "Torrid" that has goth clothes and even indie rock looks. I like their clothes better than i do Lane Bryant. Torrid has more character in their clothing. But they are pricey. B and Lu. com is a plus size website that have cute young clothes. I think targeting stores like Target, WalMart, Kmart for cute plus size clothing would be a big benefit. I said my peace.
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    I absolutely hate shopping for clothes because it's so hard to find anything that's not zebra print or looks like a hot-air balloon fell on me. In high school, and now in college, it's hard to dress like a young adult, I always have to wear clothes that make me look older than I am and I hate it! I like to play around with fashions and I've decided that if I ever become rich I will start my own line of clothing that's flattering, and use only BBW models. No barbies allowed.
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    Hey girl, I totally agree with you. I have said the same thing everytime I look at a Lane Bryant or Romans catalog. I can't understand it for the life of me. I think we should really write them.
    I mean how would they like to see a plus size model in a Victoria's Secret or Newport News catalog. It just makes no sense!
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    Hey Vampire Have you seen Torrid That store is really cool. But I totally agree Why on Earth is it SO HARD to put a plus sized model in clothes ment for bigger people, I mean its not like we're hard to find
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    just wanted to say theres also FASHION Bug I love that store, except they only go to a 32/34 and I wear a 34/36 now but soem of their things fit. and Young and older ladies have a good selection, also there is a line of stores called Simply Fashions its mostly found in the city where black ladies shop but I found ou years ago thats where I needed to go for the larger hip/stylish clothing. And they are less expensive sometimes . the stores go where the demand is. so thats where you go to. JC Penney also has up to size 26 and they have some good sales. And yes when I wore a 22/24 walmart and kmart and target were my favorite places. and ruffles now are the rage no matter what your size. I love them. and flowers. and lace. and intimate wear too. but those are impossible to find ina size 36.
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    OOO...I'm all fired up now! lol...what can i say, I'm a red-head! *go figure* but really, when i go to the mall with a bunch of my friends who aren't plus-sized, we walk by all these teenie-bopper stores that have "regular" clothes in them, then you come to someplace like, "DEBB", "Land Bryant, or "Torrid" and they're labeled with a BIG FAT sign that says, "PLUS SIZE CLOTHES FOR THE PLUS SIZED WOMAN!" or something along those lines...damn it that makes me so mad! You don't see "regular" clothing stores labeled with "anorexic clothes for the anorexic woman" Why can't we be treated the SAME way without singling us out? Or..."JUNIOR PLUS" off in its own section of the should be looked at as an act of discrimination, really....
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    I forgot to say....why must we pay 4 times MORE than some of the "regular" clothing stores that cater to itty bitty women? They have huge sales where you can buy shirts for ten bucks, pants for twenty, etc! Why must plus size clothing stores be subject to extremley high prices??? Are we limited to shop at second hand stores where most of the plus sized clothing has been there since the early 80's??
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    I'd like to say that "plus size" doesn't mean the sizing stops at size 14! HELLO! "plus size" should go as "plus" as needed! Even the plus-sized clothing makers are limiting their sizes to those who are still smaller than the agerage plus-sized woman! GEEZ!
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    Hey, where I live we have lots of plus size stores. To name a few, Ashley Stewart, caters to the plus size ladies (size 14 & up) and Avenue. Avenue costs a little more but both of these stores have from dressy to casual clothes in a variety of styles. These stores even make you think that you are thinner than what you really are because their sizes run kind of big. And the whole store is for plus size. We also have other stores that have plus size sections and they carry very trendy styles. By the way I live in Detroit.
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    I agree 100%! I'd love to see some models weighing 250-300 and up to show how clothes really fit.
    My problem is not necessarily lack of stores to go to. I just have such a funny shape that shopping is a nightmare! I'm 2 sizes smaller on the bottom than I am on top, I have NO waist, hips or booty (how can this BE - I mean, I'm a Black girl for heaven's sake!;) ROFL!), and a big tummy. I'm limited to separates because dresses look like tents on me, and 2-pcs are either too small on top or too large on the bottom.
    My legs are my best feature, so I wish more stores carried pants with a little more tailored look to them. I like regular or straight-legged pants, but since I'm forced to shop for pants that fit my thick waist without cutting off my circulation, the pants legs are usually way too wide. :(
    I used to hate shopping until I recently discovered Avenue. Finally, some feminine looking stylish separates to choose from! I agree that whoever keeps putting out stuff with the loud patterns and florals and ruffles needs to be stopped! What's THAT about? They must be thinking that if the eye is distracted enough by the garishness of the outfit, the viewer may not notice the size of the person wearing said garments. NOT! Ok, I am NOT Mimi from the Drew Carey show, so designers, if you're listening, please just stop it! :)
    BTW, if anyone is into se-xy lingerie, I recommend lingerieatlarge or hipsandcurves. Both have very nice (and naughty) things and go up to size 6x. I bought a cute little santa teddy a couple Xmases ago. It came with a white feather boa, I added a hat, black thigh-high stockings, and black patent leather heels --- Oh baby, was santa good to my man THAT year! ;) LOL!!
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    hey, i think that anyone who wants to model should! i mean there r so many overweight people in movies and entertainment i say go for it! u r a very beautiful woman besweet!
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    hey u guys, well all i have to say is r u guys looking in the wrong place? bc i find stuff all the time everywhere i go just to name a few: wal-mart, cato, liz claiborne woman (which i happen to work), causal corner woman, ross, ebay, amd many others! im not saying that its not true that its hard to find clothes but try looking a little harder. i realize that for older women its would be harder but there r so many places that i know of! if u need some ideas of where to look please email me and ill give u some! have a nice day!
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    Hi I've just joined, and have been reading through different topics this is a good one. I've read from the begining. There is soooo much more selection nowdays from when I was a teen. I felt horrible. I had to wear my mom and grandmoms hand me downs I was only a size12-14. I started also reading the fasion pages of nespaper and makeing my own. I was made fun of quite a lot by skinny girls mostly. Cause they said I was fat I couldn't wear cloths like them or look good. Then in1979 I saw my first bbw Magazine. It started it all girls. Big models in clothes for big girls-women. They had to be at least a size 12 to be a model. I miss that magazine. But It changed my life. Really. They showed women as being sexy ,smart(cause if your fat u r not sexy or smart or energetic) HA! any way I started making my own clothes. And then became a bbw model for somoe of the clothing stores that opened up in my city. We had local fasionshows. It was great! I held my self as a role model just by looking up to date and great when I walked out the door. If I could be comfortable in my own skin so could other big girls. I don't have to make my clothes any more. But now I am asize 36 and its dang hard to find clothes that size. but I can. 20 years ago even 10 I wold not have been able to. Now I still would like to model, and see women even my size modeling. Think it could happen?
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 04, 2005 at 12:15 PM

    Oh I am so glad that others think the same way I do. It is so hard to find good clothing. One of the problems I have found is not all brands are the same as in same size is not the same. A 26W will fit with one brand and then another brand it will either be to big are to small. So I hate to shop online and with catalogs, for that reason.
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    Oh my gosh, I love to buy clothes!!!

    I usually end up at Marshalls or TJX (North East chain) that carries namebrand discount stuff. 60% -75% off

    Love Gap plus, but not much buisness stuff.

    I get my suits at Lord & Taylor for work.

    Lane Bryant and Delta Burke for undies (Delta makes wicked cute boypants).

    I have the most trouble finding shoes, cause my feet are cute, but wide.

    I like Torrid, they just opened one up here, but I'm not too into trendy stuff. I like classic clothes....

    Just My Size is great for pantyhose, undies, bras, workout wear.

    good luck everybody......I just shop til I drop!
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    Thanks, queensize! I will check it out. ebay is on of my favorite places to shop!