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    Church is wherever two or three gather in his name. Doesn't take a building, or a temple, or even an ordained pastor. Part of the problem with today's world is that there are to many "religions". What happened to being simple brothers and sisters in Christ?
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    i am into the emergent church, which is postmodern.

    i agree that church is simply about people who seek god getting together. but it is helpful to organize. i like sci fi, and i am glad some people take the time and effort to make clubs and conventions. it enriches the experience.

    most "churches" are just about money, power, success, and the american suburban dream. to "good christians" of the north and the "good christians" of the south killed each other in a civil war. how christian.

    jesus challenged his followers to abandon their posessions. wow. that is intense.
    jesus did not say defend yourself, but turn the other cheek. that is radical.
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    the Lord tells us , do not forsake from assembling with each other.
    I believe that He wants us to gather together and worship, fellowship and tithe. when we do this in the Lord's house, we become stronger, in number, to spread the good news.
    it takes money and leaders to do this.
    think about all of the missionaries going to other countries. that alone takes money, people and church's working together for the cause.
    prayer groups and bible studies outside the church buildings are wonderful and biblical.
    but so is the organization of the church.
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    Church for me is about fellowshipping (hanging out) with fellow believers. Sure I have had some bad experiences, but the church I attend now is awesome. My Pastor is cool he is more of a teacher. He's interested in sprirtual growth. I hope that all people believing and non-believing will be blessed to experience that type of setting. Peace and blessings
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    Just wanna add my 2 cents about Church.
    My experience with Church has been a negative one.
    I've found that the pastors like to dictate over the people below them.
    It's almost as if when you "become a member" (and don't get me started on that) that once you're a "member" you HAVE to change to appease the Church leaders.
    Don't think about being yourself, don't think about having a bad day, because "In Church, we don't have bad days. People who believe in Jesus can control themselves. We have to be a light to a dark world, even when we're going through hardships."
    WHAT?! What they want is for you to be SUPER HUMAN. I believe God can strengthen a person during trials and what not, but I also believe with all my heart that God would rather you be angry than disconnect yourself from everything.
    My point is I think the Church wants to make it's followers in to robots for Christ.
    One more thing to think about. Jessica Simpson was rejected from a Christian recording company.
    "Why?" you may ask. Well, it's because they thought her breasts were too big. And that isn't something she could help.
    And did you all know that Christian record companies model their music after their secular counterparts. It isn't about individuality, it's about copying them so they'll be popular, and an alternative to the junk out there.
    It may seem like a good idea, but when you have to have a certain sound for a "Christian" company, it is extremely sad.
    Also, have you looked at any one the young, Christian singers? They are ALL attractive. NONE of them are BBW.
    Just my 50 cents.
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    I took a religion class in college and I found out the quickest way to piss off people, other than showing my picture. The class had lots of older ladies, 50+, and we were talking about church. I told them I felt closer to God when up in the mountains or in the desert or by the ocean. Got all the typical responses back. Then I asked if it's true that God is every where and He hears me anywhere I am. They all said yes. So I said I could be sitting in an outhouse taking a dump and talk to God just as good as they could from their wooden pews. LOOK OUT!!!! That was the first time I had a group of women pissed at me at one time for the same reason. I don't believe I have to go to church to be heard. I can name a few jail cells where we had some DEEP talks. I believe in a higher being and that whatever YOU believe in that works for you is the right thing for YOU. A few years ago, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I contacted all my religious friends and asked them to use whatever pull they had with their God. I'm not sure who's did the trick, but he actually beat the cancer and lived about 5 years longer than most people do who have this type. Of my bestest friends, one is Morman and did his mission and all, another is what we call jack-Morman, born and raised in it but doesn't live it, and the other is Catholic through and through. Me, I'm self-centered.
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    I think we have to look at the "church" within , as the saying goes "your body is your temple" Religion can be such a confusing and is a big reason for a lot of the wars in the world past and present .... My mum was christened Orthodox but at 11 decided to visit diff churches and temples to see where she belonged, she found most to have some sort of positive message, but didnt end up folloing any, she is her own person as are a LOT of people in the world, If you are an honest person, living life the best u can, no matter what your belief is I am sure God or the higher powers that be will be happy .... The 10 comandments are common sense , it doesnt take a religious figure to enforce something like that .....
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    I'm on the same page scoot and toketee! It's not about the building or the symbols, it's all about being close to the almighty. My dad always said the best "church" he attended was on the quarterdeck of a ship on the open sea. I guess I'm kind of the same...somewhere under the sky always makes me feel truly in touch with what is meant to be.
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    awesome! toketee..