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    Has anyone considered it? Done it.. Please post your input here or email me...
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    Bariatric surgery has become my only option. I am in really rough shape and my whole life has become a struggle. Since I had a heart attack almost a year ago I have become unable to walk and now I can't even get up at all and I have increasing difficulty just turning around in bed. I have gained so much in the last few months I am estimated at well over 1000 pounds. From a gainer's perspective this is so sexy but I have stopped being a gainer a year ago but it was too late already and now I am unable to stop gaining so I decided to go for it. My operation is to take place in 5 months given that I survive this long. It will require a few steps due to my extreme condition. First they will have to remove fat from my belly and tights because they have become so huge. I will then train to maybe walk again and go on a severe liquid diet after which the doctor will determine if I am safe for the surgery. I still wanna remain fat but not this fat, I'd like to go back to a sexy 500lbs and be able to walk around in my full leather outfits.
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    I just wanted to up date I have lost 160lbs and I feel great and no problems with eating....I eat what I want cookies sugar chocolate everything chips you name it and I have no problems....I love my weight loss please know that when I do eat all that crap..I do not eat alot....when I want chips I buy a small bag and eat it when watching a movie so 2hrs for a sm bag of chips...I may have 2 cookies or 1 muffin 2 slices of pizza...eggs give me problems...but other than that I can eat what ever I wish is small amounts.....I am very active and love biking and belly dancing
    if anyone has question just ask.
    ox Jeanie
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    thats good i wish u all the best...make sure that is what u want as far as the gastric bypass surgery cuz God makes his children in all shapes and size and He never makes mistakes..Keep your head up and be encouraged and stay forever blessed!!
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    hi my name is richie im think about
    Bariatric Surgery
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    My sister had this surgery done 1.5 years ago. I've watched her go through the vomiting of everything she eats - regardless of the amount or what it is, the gallbladder problems, the stretched skin (can't afford plastic surgery to have it taken off), etc.

    She looked good about 40 lbs. she looks like a skeleton. She can't stop losing. Her doctor has been after her about losing too much body fat, so she has been eating larger, high fat meals trying to stretch her stomach pouch back out and gain some of that lost body fat back. She has lost so much body fat that she no longer has breasts to speak of and has to insert push-up pads in her bras to even appear to have a chest. Even her backside is totally flat.

    I am not totally against this surgery, because there are many people that have had good results with it. On the good side of things, my sister no longer has high blood pressure. She still has circulation problems in her legs and has to take water pills for edema, but that is a hereditary problem our whole family has. It just seems that she has traded one set of problems for another.

    I do wish the best to all those who decide to have this surgery done - in many cases, it is the only solution for better health. I just felt compelled to share my sister's story because there are so many risks involved in this type of procedure.
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    I say go for It the sooner the better dont wait until you have heath problems
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    Glad you are ok Jeanie ... I'll think of you when I'm tucking into a nice big meal, lol.

    It isn't something I could ever do - love my food too much - but hope it continues to go well for you and you get the results you want

    biirdy x
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    Well I'm home and I had the surgery done on Sept 11th and I feel really good...BB Jeanie
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    My ex-fiance lost 150 pounds with it, but she couldn't eat a lot of things she loved anymore. No more ice cream or sugary foods because that stuff goes straight into your bloodstream and makes you sick. No more tough foods like steak or chicken. No more salty foods like fast food. She had to really chew up her food well, otherwise it would get stuck and she'd have to regurgitate it. Her biggest problem was getting enough protein because of it. She was kind of miserable.

    Another coworker of mine had it done and he lost a 147 pounds and he's going through the same things. It's definitely a life-altering thing to do. He couldn't be happier. I guess it's up to the individual.
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    Had it done.. Its not a fix all. It is just a tool to help you loose the weight. IT comes with NO guantees. If I had to do it all over again, I dont know if I would pick the same choice or not. I am 100 pounds smaller - but it opens up another whole can of worms. I think that if you want to loose the weight you really should think about making a life change and exercise and watch what it is you eat. And take a look at the family genes that plays a major roll in it all. But anyone that is thinking about it - think long and hard about it - I would go for the old fashion way first! But either way good luck...
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    Well this chickie is having surgery and its on Sept 11th..........and its not that I can't lose weight on my own its the fact I can't keep it off.....and genes play a HUGE factor as well in all this....losing weight by diet and excersise is the best way but for many its not....if you can do it and keep it off GOOD FOR YOU.....its just hard for took me three yrs to decide this was the best way and it is for me and I will let others know all about the good benifits to being healthy again with this surgery....I just lost on my own in one mth 27lbs so I'm proud of what I have done so far and I know surgery is the right decision for me...BB Jeanie
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    Cathii write:
    It is a bandaide solution ...basically the surgery was only for people over a certain mass weight that they were so morbedly obese they were gonna die
    .then others saw it as a *quick fix* as you lost so much weight in a short period of time.
    I am just blown away by all the people who actually have this proceedure done and can *afford* it...over here in Aussie it is something like $10,000+ and that isnt covered on private health insurance, but if u wait 3-5yrs on a waiting list for public hospital you get it for free...and in that time if u did a complete lifestyle change i am sure you could lose that weight.. losing all the weight so quickly is similar to starving yaself and the body acts on lets say the band had to be removed, the body is already
    in starvation mode
    and when it gets more food it is gonna * hold on to that* and store it as fat so that the body wont be depleted and as we all know when u diet and then stop u put the weight plus double back on.

    I have to agree! I saw a program where there was a young boy 17 years old 407Lbs who had the surgery. His sister who was not so big lost weight by exercising and changing her lifestyle! I just can't understand anyone cutting on my insides when they are perfectly normal when actuality it is my faulty thinking that must change. I refuse to get surgery I joined a gym I go 4 times a week, I am steadily working on my diet by gradually eliminating certain foods and I am seeing changes. I feel better I realize it will not happen over night but honestly you dont get morbidly obese over night either. It takes years to pack on the fat and it will take the same amount to remove it. I believe in the old fashioned way less intake of calories more output of burning them voila weight loss! I am at the point where I am just tired of lugging excess not to mention my health. I want to live I dont want to pay more insurance because I chose overindulge!
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    I should have my surgery date by the end of this week....can't wait....BB Jeanie
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    Wow, this is great info! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Do you feel full and satisfied after eating and throughout the day?
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 30, 2006 at 06:03 AM

    I am looking at my surgery date Aug. 10th, Im very excited about it. Will let you know just how it goes. This wasnt a right away descion. It took me over a year to decide to do this, and then 10 months to do it!!!
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    I see that you are from Australia, is that where you had it done? The one I am looking at is in Mexico. According to the website they have a 75% success rate versus the US of 35%. The lady I talked to told me that they have only had 15 fatalities and they were all due to blood clots. She said that is a risk with high BMI's. Do you know what your BMI was when you had it done? Mine is 58. I was told that there are extra precautions that are taken for higher BMI's. I would appreciate any info you have such as, how it has changed your life, what it was like, what recovery was like, your new eating habits, absolutely anything you want to tell me, I will be happy to learn.
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    Hi! I am in the process of applying for the lap band procedure right now. I am nervous and excited. Freya, if you happen to see this post, I would be really happy to get some details from you.
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    OHIP just approved me for the I'm just waiting for my surgery date!!!!!BB Jeanie
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    I had an open RnY on August 5, 2004 and had no complications.
    I had lost 124 pounds in the year before I had surgery by walking and staying on a 2000 calorie a day diet. Since the surgery and plastic surgery last October to remove the folds of loose skin from my stomach I have lost a total of 290 pounds. It is not easy. You have to make a change in life style but at 49 years old and weighing 504 pounds I wasn't going to be around that much longer other wise. Incidentally I have been diabetic 14 years (Type II and Hypoglycemic) and have taken no medication for the last 12 months and only check my blood sugar twice a day.