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    I have just recently rejoined the LargeFriends network and have found that  as I am looking through profiles, thinking this person sounds interesting, only to be dissappointed that they have not been online for more than a month.
    Perhaps LargeFriends need to review putting in an actual date that people were last one the site and when they joined the site.

    I am finding it rather misleading, that there are some profiles that are displaying photos that are the same as previous years  ( have already come across four that are using the same picture from a couple of years ago ) stating that they havent been on for more than a month.....surely there is some kind of monitoring system.

    If people are no longer using the site surely their profiles should be removed or if they havent logged on for more than four weeks then a courtesy email should be sent to them asking them to log on or their profile will become hidden.

    It is hard enough trying to find someone interested in a BBW, but to have to wade through profiles that are old or no longer even active is rather futile.
    Any suggestions/thoughts?
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    I agree!