Lonely and Blue Friendship

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    I am so lonely and blue there is no one who cares if I live or die. I have no friends in this world so what do I have to live for. I am a 28 year female who is a little on the heavy size. No man want a female who is large, no man care for a big female. All they want is a very skinny or average looking female. I don't have any children but i love to have some one day. But how can I when no man want to be with me. I just want to be love and have some friends. Not just guys but I need some females friends as well but I feel like I should just curl up in a big old ball and die . What is it like to you all when you don't have anyone to talk too or anyone who cares.
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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 05, 2007 at 11:14 PM

    Well trust me, it does get better.

    One thing that I find that helps is find something to volunteer for something and that is a good way to work and interact with people. It helped me and because of that experience that is why I am in college now and likely have so many friends as a result.

    Don't let it get you down and try and remain positive, people can sense it and people are always drawn to someone's smile. so don't deny the world and most importantly, don't deny yourself that either

    You'll be rewarded, trust me