I think im goin to give up Romance

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    I honestly cant find a guy. Everyone says im picky but im really not, i just know what i like. I like a guy that is nice, cute, a sweet heart, outgoing, and laid back. When it comes to looks I just want a guy that is average or smaller sized <--- I know im fat and shouldnt be picky but i am a lil :( So if you know I guy like that or are the guy like that reply to this and make me smile today :)
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    Do Not Give Up {EVER}
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    It is good to be picky that way you know what you want and your not settling for less. It also allows men to know upfront that your not putting up with the games. Your looking for more than a quick roll in the hay and stick to your standards.
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    Hi girl. I don't want to depress you but I am feeling the same way you are. I am coming up on 44 and never had a serious relationship in my life. Oh sorry there was once but he was a large man (only one I have ever been attracted to) and it only lasted 2 months and his ex wife was constantly at the house. I get told the same thing-that I am too picky. I too am not attracted to big men which is so unrealistic since I am fat but I have tried so hard to like somebody back just because they like me in spite of the fact that I am not attracted to them. It doesn't work. I also do not feel I am too picky. My requirements are single, close geographically, taller than me, average size or at least not much overweight and close to my age. Are my requirements too unreasonable? Also maybe you are not at that stage yet but most of the men I find also are not good lovers. So I wish I could just give up. I have toys now to satisfy the basic need but I wish my need for adult stimulation and companionship would dissipate. Maybe it will when the sex drive finally goes but for now each year that goes by I become more jaded by the disappointment I face everytime I think I have found someone. Maybe not prince charming but someone I think will do. Yes I have tried to "settle". Still they all turn out to be just looking to get laid anyway they can so they hit on the lonely fat chick and say things they think I want to hear. Sometimes I fell for it(in my younger years) but now in the day of the internet there is no longer any pretense of dating. It's lets "hook up". If I say I am looking for love I only get responses from scammers. If I say I want to just get laid I have lots of messages. Problem is they are still all losers. Hardly ever a good looking guy. I too have a wonderful outgoing personality and am told by all my friends and family that I am pretty. I must say that by the way I have been treated by this internet search for someone, that I must NOT be pretty or I would have met someone by now. Don't get me wrong-there has never been a shortage of men in my life(I have 2 kids)-just never anyone that wanted to be in my life as my boyfriend and hang out in public and introduce me to his friends. If you find a way to truly give up please share with me. Just do whatever you can to not become a jaded old lady like me. Good luck honey.
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    Un bacio
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    hi onlyabrit i am David from London
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    Well I know I look good, Im the big girl with a cute face lol and a great personality. Im finally comfortable with myself. I tell my mom im happy being fat lol Im not stressing about my love life anymore b/c well i am young I have a lot of time still. I have been dating a lot and just haven fun with it, if i dont like the guy I dont have to settle with him theres better out there..... but incase your a cute guy that likes big girls im still single and loven it so boys eat your hearts out

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    Hi folks!!
    I was amazed to read that even girls in other countries suffer from the same problems like i do,but i am proud to hear that you all are so optimistic!!Way to go!!! i sometimes think,why some of us (people) have to go through this? I atleast dont understand why i cant be haooy like other thin people? i think that you have touched an important topic Sleepless 29! I sometimes even think that maybe it wasnt in God's plan for me to find the right man and have my own family...and dont laugh that much,and then i start to think about becoming a nun...because i cant boast with a very active love life...THAT'S what i call sadness!!ha-ha...i mean if life doesnt give me my second half then what's the point of trying? when i try and behave activly..nothings happends..and then i am still alone...grrr...i am always optimistic and i hope for the best,but sometimes it takes a huge strenght to go on...sorry folks for my UNoptimistic speech! Love you all.

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    I do know the feeling. I also know that everyone tells me, as soon as you give up that is when you will find someone. we will see...

    BUT HEY, one thing I wanted to tell you is YES, you should be picky. Just because we are fat does not mean we should settle for CRAP. We are beautiful intelligent women and we deserve the best. I still have hope that someone is out there for me and even though I may give up strenuously looking, I am still going to keep that hope alive in my heart. So NEVER settle. I settled because I thought he loved me and I didn't love him, so it was NOT a good thing. I have decided I am going to start taking some more classes and get out there in the world to meet more and more people. So we will see what happens...
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    oh you guys im so so sorry i havent been on here in FOREVER and im just reading the comments and I just wanna say thanks for everything

    <3 you all
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    I think it's hard for anyone, man, woman, young or older to not become disheartened. I for one try very hard to keep a positive mindset during my drought periods. Thank fully they don't happen that often. You have to think about the kind of vibe you're putting out there. If you seem desparate or unhappy with your life as it is other people can sense that and pull away. No one wants to be depended on to provide happines to someone else. So just be happy with being single it's just a transitionary period nothing permanent. **smooches**

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    Hey Everyone...don't give up, seriously I met someone here and yes with both our schedules it was hard, with Xmas and Thanksgiving....but it's great and he's wonderful. I am crazy about him, and he tells me he feels the same. I just met his best friend this weekend...fingers cross....
    So ALL hang in there, sometimes with luck and a williness to wink first helps...Good luck to all

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    Yikes! 19 and want to give up!??? I talked a fellow sailor out of suicide. He was 17 and I was 24. I told him he was way to young to think of it, wait until he is 24! His ship pulled into where I was stationed 2 and a half years later. Over some of the local 'mocatel' (sweet vino, andalusia) while he was on liberty, he said thanks, he was 19 now and glad I told him to set that grim reaper dance date for 8 years down the line. So don't soak in sadness; like an hour in the dentist chair, this will be over too and you'll be glad you observed life and waited.
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    Don't worry. Everything will work out for you. whatever you do, stick by your beliefs. you know exactly what you want in a man, which is good. you don't want to end up like me. you are young and have the rest of your life ahead of you girl!!!
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    Oh dear I have not long joined and am wondering if have i have the right thing this is about the 4 th post saying good bye or giving u, is it that bad ? or are the men on here not all that ? or the women to picky ? all i want it to find Mr right is that to much to ask ????
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    I don't know if I'm what you're looking for, but I saw your picture and thought that you were real cute. My name is Brian. I'm 5'11'' and about 210 pounds...Not a real big guy but I like bigger girls. The pic that I posted is from a couple of years ago during a superbowl party. I'm the guy on the left, not wearing the mullet wig.

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    Aaaaaand he deleted his post.
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    Maybe little Blackdick is just looking for a Black"beard".

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    "It's not all about sex, I'm looking for friends" says the guy called BlackDick.
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    I really dont have an age cut off. I prob wouldnt date someone that is 35 just for the plain fact that they have went through more stuff then me and prob dont want to hear my lil kid drama and plus i dont think the parents would really approve.