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    Here's the deal. I am married, my wife and I are opening up our relationship but have no intention of splitting up, so a long term relationship is not an option. I love big,  Voluptuous  women. I like to socialize, drink, and enjoy the company of fun people (especially women). I am honest, impulsive, and repectful, also kind of a bad boy.
    1. Will the married but open thing fly?
    2. What kind of women am I likely to meet?
    3. Am I just wasting my time here?

    I'm looking for sincere honest input. Thanks
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 06, 2012 at 07:40 PM

    I think its pretty cool that you were open about your intentions from the get-go! Good on you for not going into this with false intentions :) 
    Best of luck on your search for that person!
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    New to this site looking for men in the bay area.
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    To be perfectly honest Skyote, you will find quite a few women out there willing to be a mistress. However call me "old fashioned" but my mother always taught me those women were not really the honest type. Frankly there are special websites for what you are after, a lot of them are fantasy websites and are more than willing to cater to your needs and desires. The "I'm married but just want spice-up-my-relationship" isn't normally going to fly especially amongst honest women trying to find their actual love of their lives. Stick with the fantasy websites.
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    We all have opinions, you probably don't want to hear the majority of them. If there's anything I've learned from online dating is anything is possible.. just don't be here to pray on the weak minded/soft hearted because they are easily fooled with false affection it's all good.