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    Do any other Christians wonder what on earth we are doing here? Surely if we just pray and trust God then he will provide our partner?

    I have realised over the last fews days (I am doing Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life during Lent) that this period of singledom is in some ways a test, but in other ways a trust.

    God is testing me to make sure that I can exist alone and do not need somebody else apart from Him. I have always had this idea, fed to me by parents, friends etc, that to be 'complete' you need to have a partner. I have had people pity me because I am a single parent. For most of my life I have believed that I am not whole unless i have a partner. It's not true. A partner doesn't complete me, he compliments me. God made me complete and until I can exist in that knowledge and stop putting my life on hold until I have my husband then I believe I will remain single. I am slowly getting there.

    It is also a trust because I have to trust God that he will give me the right person. Not the person I think because I like their look or they earn enough to support me etc. But the right person. The only thing that I am concerned about is that I am not that observant and I might miss them, but then i figure God will just keep bashing me over the head with Mr Right until I get the hint! And God knows me so he knows that for me to catch on the hints will have to be obvious!!

    What do you think? Should we, or those of us who are practicing Christians, just delete ourselves off and put it to God?


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    If you really think about our religions with an open, exploring mind... you will find that it makes no sense what so ever.
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    Why don't we just ask God to stop sending us disasters, wars, sick people, cancer, misquitos? He could do that if he is all powerful. He could also build us without any flaws. Isn't it a sick God that intentionally makes us flawed so he can watch the train wrecks?
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    Yes God has given me free will to make my own decisions, and the idea that Christians sit back and let God do all the work is a general misconception.  We know that God will provide so there isn't this great striving to obtain things.  I don't get up every morning like some people do thinking about how much money I can make or what new 'thing' I can buy etc. I wake up thanking God for the day and setting out to do His business through my daily life.  And that's me running my life, not by God but FOR God.  Contrary to popular belief being a Christian isn't easy. We often have to make decisions that fly in the face of the norms of our present day society.  I have been screen dumped by many people who I have been getting on with very well  with until the second they find out that yes, I do follow the Word of God and I am not going to be jumping into bed with them.

    And yes He did find me a job! 

    Hardships are easier to face when you have God to draw on.  In the last 3 years I have faced up to childhood sexual abuse and have been sexually assaulted, and I can honestly say that the times I trusted in God were far easier than the times that I walked away.

    I don't find anything in life a massive effort to be honest.  I serve the best way I can with the tools I have to hand and ask for God to provide.  Which is why I question my use of dating sites!

    And, although I know there will be someone who can find an exception to the rule, I honestly believe that many relationships go wrong because God's word has not been abided by.


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    An interesting concept.....

    As a Christian, has the God you worship not empowered you to live your own life rather than sit back and wait for him to run it for you?

    Will he find you a job? Pay your bills?

    Are failed relationships all his fault and successful ones solely down to him?

    Is it not just too easy to sit back and assume that everything is God's will?

    I'm not a religious person, but I wonder how some people would have got through some real hardship in their lives without a huge amount of effort from themselves, whether or not they had a committed faith to draw strength from?