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    Well I live at home with my mom ever since.. My father passed away many years ago.. And I have always been heavy set but now getting on the larger side the past few years.. Any ways what I'm getting at I guess is I always feel like my mom has encouraged my weight gain.. I've asked her to not buy or bring junk type food around me..For example today we were going home from a nutritionist I went to see.. And she asked me if I wanted to stop for lunch and then donuts afterward.. Now I'm not saying she doesn't have the right to have these things.. I just ask her not to bring them around me.. On a typical trip to the grocery store she would have at least 4 boxes of junkies.. IE devil dogs or something of the sort in the wagon.. Thing is she DOESN'T EVER eat them herself.. She puts them there for me despite me saying I don't want them..And when I put them back she gets mad.. And says well why can't she have them.. I just feel like shes deliberately tryed to keep me larger my hole life.. Any one else ever ran into such a thing?? Also her new thing is making little comments about how much weight shes lost..Good for her I say but there said like shes rubbing it in my face..
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    Since your mom won't stop buying the treats and you cannot resist them, I'll tell you about a tip that was given to me when I was having problems with cake. The leader told me that when I wanted a piece of cake or any other sweet, then I should cut myself the largest piece that I want and place it on a plate. BUT before eating the cake, I should get a large glass of hot water. Pour the glass of water over the cake and let it sit for a minute. If I still want the soggy mess, then eat it, because if I can eat cake in that state, then I am beyond all hope!!
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    I agree people will do only what you allow! The bottom line is that we have choices no one can MAKE U do a thing. It is almost as if you are letting food control you when it is u who can control the food. Take control!!!!!!
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    Thank you all for the responses..Well beledidancer
    To answer your question.. Things are about the same..I am now convinced the only thing that would change her mind maybe.. Is if I had a heart attack in front of her..Maybe even not then I have been doing allot of thinking on the subject lately.. And I do believe it's her way of trying to ultimately control me.. You see my mom is a very lazy person.. And always wants others to do EVERY thing for her..Now don't get me wrong I'm not bashing her at all..Any one who knows her will say the same.. It's just the way it is she is the kind of person.. That would leave a dirty dish lay for days.. Instead of washing it herself.. So relay you can't hope to change a person like this.. And I guess she figures if she can keep me over weight.. She can have more control..How ever this is not going to be the outcome..I can't financially afford to live on my own..But I have decided to do something for my own good..And am going to be starting a weight loss program under a doctors care soon.. And as far as the junkies and cakes and crap.. I know exactly were there going in the garbage can..Again thank you all..
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    Just wanted to say thanks.. To you guys for the responses and advice..
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    Sounds like you really need to do everything in your power to move out. Mom sounds like saboteur big time. Either that or get the goodies home and throw them away. Better her than you dead of a heart attack. Besides you know she only does it to keep you there and under her control by undermining you self esteem.
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    I hate to say this, but some people are just so insecure that they need to have people around who make them feel better about themselves. Your mother may be sabotaging you for this reason. But I believe ssbbwgal is right -- she can only do this if YOU allow her to! Remember that you are in control of what you eat, or worse case scenario, where you live.
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    I can kinda understand what you're going through...

    My grandmother used to be the same way...but now she just comments about how fat I am and not in a very positive fashion either.

    I guess, just take it in stride, and if it becomes too hard to bear...then maybe you might want to have a bit of a chat with her about it?