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    Okay, so granted I came from an odd, mixed background for faith (Christians on my father's side, and most of my mother's side; my mother believing herself to be a white witch/healer, etc), I can't help but feel taken aback by the number of men on here, and elsewhere, that proclaim themselves of Christian faith, yet are married and openly advertising their desire to take on a secret lover. Did I miss something in all those Sunday school sessions? I'm not of Christian faith, myself (I'm that spiritual, but not religious variety), but I certainly don't recall this being part of the biblical word. Granted, back when, in the bible, there were multiple wives, etc, but there is much that was in the bible in the past that is outdated by today's standards. Any clue what passage covered stepping out on your spouse? Other than it being a major sin?
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    Actually, the penalty for adultery was death. for premarital sex, the man just had to pay the dad for loss of virginity.

    i am a Christian, and i take adultery very seriously.

    it is a big deal. I find it sad that so many people do it. the guiding principles of my life is to love. to do to others as i want done to me...and i don't want my sig other cheating on me. so i don't cheat.
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    lady this is under the old law. if we want to live by this we also have to cut off the hands of one that steals and such as that. not trying to start anything just stating a fact.
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    You know you are exactly right that are people who are hyprocitical when it comes to their faith. You can argue that people are only human and we make mistakes (which is true) but people wear the title "Christian" like a name tag at work. they use it when necessary then take it off for their benefit. Some use people use the part of the Bible that benefit them and discard the part they don't like. I feel all of the Bible is relevent. Yeah we do fall and we are human but at the same time. the Bible does say when we are faced with temptation. confess our sins so that we may be heal. The Bible does state people having more than one wife but when Jesus came on the scene some of the old testment was done away with. Hebrews 13:4 Ephesians 5:29-33 I think its important to read your Bible as a Christian so people will know the truth so no page will not be unturn. God is against unfaithfulness and sexual unpureness. Somehow people try to justify that by saying it's ok. I hope that answer your questions.
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    I wouldn't normally be typing a response here but since you posted a thread on hypocrisy and questioning how we are to have faith when people are hypocrites, etc., I decided I would respond with my own thoughts on this.

    The thing is that hypocrisy is in every faith and indeed every part of life, not just in religious life. Being only human, we are fallible and therefore even when we have good intentions (and sometimes we certainly don't) we can fail ourselves and others. I'm sure that every single one of us has failed ourselves and others at some points in our life. The Lord knows we are fallible. We are certainly taught this in Scripture and with that knowledge in mind, it really does not make sound sense to look to other humans to be the source of our faith.

    It is my understanding from reading the Bible that our faith is not supposed to be dependent on the actions/inactions of fellow humans but rather on reading and knowing the Word of God, trusting Him and communing with Him in prayer. That is really the source of true faith and really it makes sense since Scripture tells us that God is always faithful and will never leave nor forsake us. Certainly the same cannot be said of people.

    So I would say that while fellowship with other Christians can be a good thing, we just need to remember not to look to them to be the source of our faith but rather to God. Even a Christian with a strong faith may fall at some point and have to pick them selves up, ask God to forgive them and keep going.

    And if you are concerned with another Christian's behaviour then I believe Scripture teaches that you should go *privately* and speak to him/her about it first. There is a part that talks about how to handle that situation in the Bible... I think one of the great reasons why there is a lot of hypocrisy today in the Church is that hardly anyone follows that practice... rather than going and speaking to the other person in a kind and loving way, instead people hold back speaking to them and instead complain about them to others. This is one part of the Bible that is not much discussed in most Churches I think for the reason that many people do not want to practice it. It is easier for people to stand back and complain and gossip.

    All of this reminds me of a favourite quote..... "Be kind for everyone is fighting an uphill battle." (I may not have it verbatim but it's close enough.) ;) I like this quote because it reminds us to think first before condemninq someone else because we don't know what struggles they are having. :) I have to admit this is a very hard thing to remember when you are riled up about someone else's behaviour but it really is a good thing to remember. :)

    silken ;)
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    For the sake of argument it says other wives not girlfriends and a wife.
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    Actually Zoie, there is a passage that does speak of a man having the right to have more than one wife-in Exodus 21:10 If he take him another [wife]; her food, her raiment, and her duty of marriage, shall he not diminish.(What the first wife already had and is accustomed to can't be diminished).Many of the great men of God were polygynists-men who had multiple wives, and God never condemned them for it.
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    opheliasend write:
    Any clue what passage covered stepping out on your spouse? Other than it being a major sin?

    Valid question!

    There is no verse that states you can have more than one wife/husband. You are correct hon. Those who call themselves Christians obviously aren't following in the footsteps of Christ.

    I am sorry they cause good people to think all Christians are messed up.
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    Okay, somebody remind me NOT to reply to a forum posting when sleep-deprived? Takes several hours later for it to dawn on me that you were being funny! Touche, smartalec.
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    lol I do. I didn't say I hated these men, I said I don't understand them. Won't date them, either, but that doesn't mean I hate them. Just wanting a clue as to what in the world they're thinking. It's situations like these that prevent me from... well.. having any faith in that faith. To my poor father's frustration, I think. I'm an information sponge. I want to know what makes things.. and people.. tick. Not looking to cast the first stone.