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    I have been going to weight watchers meetings ands have lost weight. It really works and i have tried everything. Send me a message and I will try to help in any way.
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    Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to losing weight. The only sane alternative is changing your relationship with food and exercise. I have struggled with this my entire life - back and forth with weight gain and loss. Find a walking partner and just start moving more - being more active. Try to cut out sugar - we all need a chocolate fix - so find alternatives such as those lower calorie energy bars. Trust me, I live it every day. My goal is 10lbs/month on WW. I will keep you posted. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 02, 2006 at 01:24 PM

    I know the concept from my country too, and it?s also my esperience that i is a great help. But of cource as it is mentioned, "good old exercise" is also need. Also to prevent gaining to much weight again.
    The only thing I have against weightwatcher in Denmark is that they are seeling a lot of products making people believe they are very healthy. But infact it has now shown i Denmak that it is not the case. So it?s kind of cheating people In denmark this is not leagal eks. too write "for gaining weight" on su*ck a produkt, there also rules for using the exporession light and so on. But of course in Denmark there is also a lot of laws to prevent bad food and products in the grosserystores. And even thouhg is still succeds companies so "fit" in.
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    Whatever happen to good old fashioned exercise? I have tried weight watchers I believe it is one the best programs for weight loss because it is realistic and you can eat real food in your everyday life. The down fall for me is being a slave to a scale and when exercising actually gaining weight when in fact you are doing okay because we all know muscle weights more than fat and you burn more calories. I don't like going under the knife for something that is not broken! my mind is what needs to change not my intestinal tract.
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    I lost a lot of weight at Weight Watchers BEFORE I had my baby....but being pregnant did something to my hormones....have tried Weight Watchers 3 or 4 times since, and have PUT ON weight every time....
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    hey, i have also tried weight watchers, but it doesnt work for me.... do you mind me asking your opinion on the surgeries? i am looking into one and was wondering if you have any thoughts.. thanks