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    Are there any women out there that travel alone? I don't and frankly, wouldn't have a clue how to manage myself. I've been so geared through my life to be a follower of what others are doing, that it scares me to death to think about doing things alone, YET... I'm not getting any younger, I was to do things and so far I haven't found someone that is on the same page of life as I am, so I need to learn to do things alone... or how to find of group of others doing things alone... does that make sense??

    I'm just tired of not being active because I'm a single woman and probably always will be.
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    I have travelled alot on my own arounf africa.. and europe.. I dont like it.. But it dose not stop me. I have one or two friends. that travel with we me sometimes.. we have a right laugh .. but its not the same..travelling single always has its extra costs.
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    I have traveled alone. I find it best to go with an organized group tour. Yes, the single supplement can certainly up the cost of the trip, but at least you get to see the world! With a group tour, you don't have to worry about doing any of the planning, you see the key attractions, you feel a sense of security and you meet new people with whom you tend to spend your 'free' time with. I have done quite a few trips like fact, my next trip will be touring Italy and looking forward to it!! Don't let being single deter you from traveling.
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    bubs write:
    Just updatin this one by saying....You go girls to those brave enough to travel alone...I would love too, but just not brave enough!

    bubs, I am sorry to hear you say you are not brave enough to travel alone. I traveled a lot as a child with my parents. I loved the trips but hated the strain of traveling with my folks. My parents get on my nerves. Now most of the time I travel solo. Alone I don't have to worry about getting separated from my group. I am not distracted by lots of conversation en route, so I am less likely to loose my belongings or have my pockets picked when I am not paying attention. I am safer because I make better, safer choices when I know that there is no one to watch my back but me. I don't have to argue with anyone about when or where to go out.********I find it more relaxing, and liberating, to travel alone. I am not a brave person *********
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    Yeah, the supplement charged to singles is a big pain, usually at least 50 per cent on top of the per person price. I've talked to other single women who like to travel on cruise ships, and the only ways around this are:
    1) Find a roommate (or date). There are clubs and web sites who can help you out.
    2) Get a super-cheap rate, i.e. go at the cheapest times of the year, like April or Sept - Nov. I once got such a deal on a Mediterranean cruise, even with the single supplement, that I paid less than the per person rate of the other passengers.
    3) Find a reason why the cruise line should eliminate the single supplement for you. It helps if you can find a super-aggressive travel agent to argue on your behalf (most aren't). If you book at low season or if you've travelled the same cruise line before, or if you've got a friend working for the cruise line or you book last-minute or the ship's not full .....

    Anyway, don't let the single supplement scare you off. Cruises are so competitive now that rates are still cheaper than most resorts, so go and have a great time!
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    have at it girl! :)
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    Just updatin this one by saying....You go girls to those brave enough to travel alone...I would love too, but just not brave enough!
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    Promises - any ideas how to get around increases in prices when cruising alone?

    Mod/Freysh - how about a cruise!!!!!!!!!?????
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    I just got back yesterday from my third solo cruise, this time to the Mexican Riviera. It was fantastic!

    If you've never travelled alone before, cruising's a good place to start. Competitive prices among the cruise lines, lots of activities, safety, built-in opportunities to meet people and great food! I just weighed myself and I only gained a pound, thank god!

    The world is waiting for you!
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    Me too... a good book, a frosty glass (full of a frothy beverage) some shades, and a beach this fat girl is set for days! :) I love to travel by myself.. you do what you want, when you want. No one telling you to get up at 7 am to see Big Ben!! :) Happy trails, friend.
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    I travel alone all the time. Give me a map and a destination and I'm off!
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    I've traveled solo some. The first trip is always the most stressful but it's also empowering--you'll be so glad you did it. I think it's great you're not letting being single stand in your way of doing all the things you enjoy!

    There are a couple of websites that might help answer some of your questions (let's see if I can direct you to them without breaking any posting rules). One is journeywoman, which is a travel site for women that provides a lot of practical information for solo travelers. Another one is womentraveltips. Both are com sites...;)
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    I have travelled around the world and if there is one thing that has helped me throughout all my travels is that there is always someone who will help you out. You maybe travelling along but that doesnt mean you cant ask for help. Like the axiom "I never get lost because someone always tells me where to go."