Why is it the older men that usually adore BBWs & SSBBWs? Message board

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    A lady in Uganda told me the men are the same in her country. She says however, the big size of a woman in Africa represents wealth and queenly respect from the men. Plus a man with one is seen as economical sound to be able to keep such a woman...traditionally.
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    I heard that also in Nigeria that if a man is to marry a woman who is lean, then she is taken to a home and "stuffed" with food for a month before the wedding -- because it would not look right for the man to be marrying a woman that he has not fed well.
    I had a good friend whose mother, a Nigerian, came to the U.S. for cancer treatment. She was a slender woman at the time I met her. A very sweet lady, she apologized to me for her slim stature when I met her, explaining that it was due to her illness!
    Funny thing how the different cultures see things so very differently, isn't it?!
    I have heard something like this also of parts of India. And I don't know if it has to do with the economy, but I have also heard that in the Middle East and Egypt large women are revered.
    I wonder why the United States is so different? I have never heard any theories on this!
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    Well, I will be 40 this year but I have always adored, older women and especially BBW's. I have been attracted to them since my early 20's so I am not sure if it's age or just that different men like different things!
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    TheVgasBBWluvr was so right... younger men don't have the maturity to appreciate a real woman. Older men see through the "unnecessary" and see the real beauty in the woman. I have been in the arts all my life... and if you look at the women in most of the great paintings throughout history, regardless of the country of origin, you will find them large ladies. Yes, Large is beautiful, more feminine, and sexy. As a man matures, he become ever so much more aware of that.
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    m 25 and I
    m only attracted to bbw/ssbbw
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    I have always had a preference for larger women and as I have grown older that preference has become stronger.
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    Man! These big women in Chicago are too much! Fine,fine,fine! I hear Chicago is in the top 3 in ranking of "obese" people US-wide, Houston is up there too. Living in any places with a much lesser ranking would bore me. I like those massive 'meat & potato' girls. Ironically, I am a longterm vegetarian and pro-raw foods advocate. LOL but true. However, with age, I adore the big girls the most. Even big ladies so heavy(SSBBW) they need wheel chairs catch my eye...yes,yes,yes.
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    Because with age comes wisdom. Young and dumb can not appreciate a BBW.