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    Greetings Dear,
    seeking SSBBW Goddess(es) to worship and adore in Chicagoland. I like them very shapely with a very big, high-hung, bubble-round backside and very fat arms, any race. I like Cougars...women ten yrs or more my senior normally. However, there is a 'however, if you are over age 39 all is fine. I'm the very giving type in and out of bed. Am a dominant male among men but am a softy among to pamper, cuddle, kiss, say and do very nice things. My mind is always on business and wealth-building daily. I do not take vacations, I take business trips (IRS knows). Am aware that 74% of wealthy people in the US do two things:1) Own business(es). 2) Own income-producing Real Estate. I love affiliate marketing and network marketing online as well. Will have a wealth-building website, combining both, up and running on July 31st. I left the Rat Race in 1991, long before RichDad created the boardgame, CashFlow 101, which I play with biz-minded groups monthly.
    If you like a deep-thinking man that loves to cater daily...get up on this!
    Am a REAL Blackman so know global polygamy will be involved. However I will treat you so good you will almost think it's only you, no others. Oh, am STD & HIV-free, vegetarian whom loves those meat & potato girls, never smoked-drank-done illegal drugs. Nor have I done prison time any place on Earth. No off-spring but virile. Am open-minded yet still one-on-one.
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    Hoping there are other Chicago based men who aren't creepers like the one who made this thread.


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    "Global polygamy" means that a man has journeyed to a country or  countries where polygamy is the order of the day. So depending on how long he has stayed in such...he too...has wives (official or non-official).

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    Pray tell what exactly would be the definition of "global polygamy"?