Are there any older real Christian men out there who like bbw? Religion

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    Hey everyone, are there any older, real Christian men out there who like bbw? I mean men who are proud to be with a bbw, and who attend church regularly? What about it folks?
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    I believe friends can fall in love. I believe love should last a life-time. I believe dreams DO come true. Maybe we can make a dream together. I think romance is holding hands on a rainy afternoon... Caresses while we watch our favorite movies... Gazing at the stars while talking about nothing special... Holding each other when we need comfort... Making each other laugh when we need to smile... Always being there for each other even when we need nothing. I'm a nice guy who just turned 38 and looking for another nice guy to begin sharing these times with. I really DO believe dreams come true.
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    Hey Richie, WHYYYYYYY can't you live on the West coast, hahaha. Just had to add that.
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    I am looking for the women that God has chosen for me. I believe this women is a born again Christian who is actively serving God. I hope to find a women of integrity. Someone who enjoys having fun and likes to laugh.

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