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    I LOVE CRUISES! I'd like to go somewhere every year. Problem is no one to go with. I went on my first cruise last year and had to paid the price of two people (less port charges of $120.00) $1500.00 for a balcony. I'd like to see some of these sites have databases with like minded people wanting to travel, but needing travel partners who would also like to share the expenses of traveling (even if it is not cruising). Any comments, suggestions?
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    BBWtexasCruise is going out of Galveston this year Sept 30, 2007. They are taking low deposits right now. For about $70 a day you can travel with a group of BBW's and men who like them. This is their 3rd annual cruise. Everyone may start out as strangers but we end up with lots of new freinds and great memories of our adventures. You can find the info with an internet search.

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    Trying to send email to everyone to let them know about the cruise going out of Galveston in October. We still have some rooms available until the end of July. Would love to have you join us. For more information feel free to contact me
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    Maggie>>> Try doing a web searchand plu in: Single Travelers. I came up with about 10 different websites that offer single traveler discounts and even a few that will match you up with a room mate.
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    Holy moly - - can't believe it actually went through! I got rejected a heap of times 'cause obviously you can't spell out the word d-o-t.....?? What the heck? Anyway - - check out that site. I want to go to the one in October so bad!! Any takers?
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    Okay - I don't know why this won't post - unwanted word - give me a break! I'm gonna try this again - - for all you cruise lovers.only write it properly, 'cause I can't post it here without getting the big reject; even spelling out the decimal point as what it is commonly referred to....Lord have mercy! Okay - - gonna try this, yet again!
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    MaggieMay, you might want to check out the web site for largeencounters dot com. They are a NJ group and I think they have a cruise planned. They put on dances and parties..somewhere I felt comfortable going alone