R u really looking for fun on the side?? fun on the side

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    i agree
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    Is it not cheating when a wife, at about age 45 just ends all sex between her and her husband... and will not do a thing to work with him....understand his needs... or why she has lost the urge? And... other than you unyielding hard liners... what the heck is so wrong in a man and woman engaging in sex as long as they are very responsible about it... not promiscuous, and very discreet. Let me say that as long as there are children involved... yes... no going outside marriage. That is bad for the whole family, but after the kids leave the house... the frustrated spouse can go outside and such a move will likely strengthen the marriage back home. It surely did for me. Sex is a physical activity... not something carved in stone. And don't you religicos go telling me that YOU know what is right and wrong. It may be that your GOD just doesn't exist and your argument is totally false. You never know about a persons personal situation. There may be good reasons... that actually benefit the marriage.
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    Yeah I agree about not judging people, it's his life, also according to his own stats his wife is more likely than not cheating on him right now... so he probally needs to go out to get some too.
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    when is it going to far in charting or talking . does fooling around start with the thought or with the words
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    I cannot judge the person who is doing the cheating without speaking to them personally, so I'm left with no other choice but to judge or develop my opinions based on the behavior itself.

    The behavior istself, the behavior of cheating on ones partner,such as being unfaithful, decieving, tricking, or doing something sneaky or against the (spoken or unspoken)wishes of said partner- Could very well result in the unknowing partner being deeply hurt. Thus it would seem that the cheating, or "hurting" of ones partner benefits only the cheaters.

    Persons should not endeavor to maintain a committed relationship with someone if they are knowingly and deliberately hurting their partner, even if the partner doesn't "find out about it".
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    Thank you Jilly. My late wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when she was 50. I took care of her at home until she passed away at 61. My new wife is disabled and also is afraid of having orgasms [severe migraines]. I would like an encounter with someone but I will not change my marital situation. Thank You.
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    JillyThePink write:
    For all those who condemn him for wanting something on the side, have you ever thought of the reasons why????

    maybe this is a way of him keeping the family together and not destroying the lives of his children by breaking up the family home, or maybe his wife is unable to satisfy his needs because of some disability. There are so many reasons why someone might want outside marriage liaisons, we all have needs and sex is a big part of them.
    Sorry if I sound a little off but each to their own and stop judging others.

    You have a right to your opinion... and we do too. I am sorry, there is never a good enough reason to cheat on your spouse .... period! If you are unhappy, get out. If you make the choice to stay married for the kids sake, then that is your choice and you have to deal with that choice. I have been there. I stayed 19 years in an unhappy, loveless, sexless marriage for my kids... but not once did I ever consider cheating on my husband. I made the choice to stay. I took marriage vows and I abided by them. Sorry, but I will never condone cheating in a marriage. Sorry, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!
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    Personally, I find infidelity to be disgusting. If you took the vows to love, honor, and cherish having an affair (or multiple affairs) only shows you have extremely poor character and any self-respecting woman should kick you to the curb rather than shack up with the likes of a bed-hopping, unfaithful creep.
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    A trip to the funfair probably would result in the same thing, you'd very likely throw up!

    Why doesn't he just get divorced and have hundreds of girlfriends instead?
    He's obviously not in the right relationship to have to want to go outside of it.

    Or is it the excitment of cheating and hurting someone he loves that appeals to him?

    Either way ladies the guy is what i'd call totally undesirable and he isn't even man enough to show his face in case his wife sees him on here....lol.
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    justdavid...How many of these are you starting, this is like the 4th thread of the same thing you are looking for.

    The comments from kewannap I believe were correct.

    As I mentioned before, go to the sites that offer what you are looking for as a married man (or in a relationship)
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    I figured that fun on the side meant a sexual position.
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    Hmmmmm maybe by fun he means a companion for trips to the funfair lol :P
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    kewannap write:
    Don't hold your breath on meeting someone for your little fun.... might want to hold what's between your legs instead
    OMG Kewannap, that was so funny
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    justdavid.... you are probably right... but the thing is... this site is a little different. Don't hold your breath on meeting someone for your little fun.... might want to hold what's between your legs instead! Just my opinion. Good luck!
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    Hey silly woman. guess what half the world has afairs depends on what article u read. also if u dont like this u dont have to say anything.
    BTW I bet u half the men u talk to that u think r single r NOT
    Good luck & take care
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    Cathii, the subject said FUN on the side. Go ahead and get the regular dressing and the mayo