1000 pound of beatiful fat... Just Chat

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    I, Jumbo Pete, have been around here for a while but I recently met Julian at a party and we fell for each other. She is too shy to get on the forum but she doesn't mind that I talk a bit about us and especialy about a fetish that we share. Yes, both her and I have this thing for excessively obese people, we love fat and we love being fat ourselves. Together we tip the scale at almost a thousand pounds. Julian is black, 33 years old, 5'7' and 435 lbs while I'm now a bit over 500 lbs. Sounds weird but we both love each other this way and ourselves this way
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    Thanks Judaz, it's nice to hear from someone who appreciates us and our weird passion with being extremely obese and gaining. Hey, we are actually the 1250 pound couple, almost, I'm now 712lbs and Julian is 528lbs. We've been seriously thinking about our weight lately, should we keep gaining or should we try to stop. Being this huge is a real daily struggle and we're not exactly healthy anymore. My mobility is really limited now and for many simple tasks I need assistance and this is becoming increasingly hard for Julian to help me due to her own weight. But we are so turned on by our own and each other's obesity it is so hard to stop. Now that I've passed the 700 I'm tempted by the next level, 800 pounds. Where do we stop?
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    This is definitely not something that I would do to myself purposely. But I?m not here to determine right and wrong, more so, I was wondering. In one post you mentioned that you enjoyed suffering under all that weight. I was wondering what that suffering entailed. I would imagine that your blood pressure is sky high... Does that FEEL good?
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    OMG. Unbelievable. News Flash: People staring are not ADMIRING your size.
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    Thanks Wayne. I am indeed confused and so is Julian. We are gainers after all, we both have a sick passion for excessive fat but at the same time... I don't know, it's up to us.
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    Bit of mixed emotions here for you Pete.
    I am glad that you are comfy and happy with your size. However, I am very concerned for your health and for your partner as well.

    Personally, my worst state was 24 stone( 336 lbs) plus (i was so depressed by this stage that I actually didn't bother checking anything), 56 inch waist and unable to walk without knee braces on both knees, that was over 15 years past and am still paying for that in health matters today. Am still fairly big today at just under 300lbs but fighting major mental and physical health problems just to get by, However i did manage to get down to 17 stone (238 lbs) a wee while back when I was working for a DIY store...

    Anyways, I wish you all the best for yourself and for your partner.

    Hugz fae a daft scotsman
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    Hey Willie, thanks for the positive note. Yes I'm succeeding at growing, even a little too well. I'm not sure how much I weight now but it's at least 700 pounds if not more. I'm not sure I wanna gain more because I'm struggling too much under all this weight. I have not been able to exercise for the last few months and getting around has become pretty hard because I have too much difficulty walking.
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    I would like to see you succeed at growing. That is my goal as well. I am working on getting as large as I can be and still walk. At 375 and growing, I am really enjoying my size and the looks I get. I like having the feeling of my large size.
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    WOW is all i can say bout you and your sexiness,im blown away,even blown sky high by your buety and would love to take you out to a show or dinner or combination of the two email me...and till then stay sexy as you arexoxoxo
    ps.sorry this si short but ive been blown away by your buety

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 10, 2007 at 04:46 PM

    Pete .I wish you 2 the best and I hope the spirits keep bring you happiness and good fortune

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 24, 2007 at 02:56 AM

    Hey Maitre, Julian is pretty stable for weight, she doesn't gain much but she gained a bit lately, she's about 450 now.
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    Hey, Happy New Year to all! Yeah I know I'm getting too fat for some people and you might be right but I'm a gainer and I'm into S&M. As a gainer I wanna get as fat as I can and as a guy into S&M I enjoy suffering from being this fat. I'm now 630 and hope to reach 700 before the end of this year...
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    AmuseMe .. I hardly said good freakin luck and I am happy for you to him..I think that's a bit harsh no? Ive always tryed to warn pete as every one else here has.. How ever I am happy for him in a way.. Hes succeeded were many have failed to find some one to love..And also despite his size dosent dislike himself..Something many people half his size struggle with.. I know some of you have a genuine worry for this man as do I but..Lets also keep in mind here that.. No one no matter how well meaning they are..Can MAKE some one do something they don't want to.. Tragic and sad as it may be past being well warned..THEY HAVE TO WANT TO HELP THEM SELVES..That's just my view of it.. If that some how came off as.. Me being uncaring or cold about it.. Then you were greatly mistaken..
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    Hello biigbiird nice to be back thank you.. I totally agree with you on the health issue..But I suppose the point I was trying to get across was.. That its honestly nice too see a larger person.. Who completely embraces there size with out any apologies or hang ups about it..All tho I completely agree with you about the health risks you have mentioned..And if you look back at any of the responses I have made to pete.. You can see I have warned him as well.. Relay that's about all you can do when some one seams to have made there mind up isn't it? I was mealy saying that there's a difference between.. Warning and being a bit judgmental for there personal choices that's all.. I will again say to pete here.. That yes its great that you seam to love your self as you are and that's awesome.. BUT please do keep it in the back of your mind.. That some day if you continue to gain excessive amounts of weight.. You will have major health issues as a result!! And I truly hope when that day comes you can deal with them.. Ok now that said .. again best of luck to you..
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    Thanks PinkPenguins!
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    PinkPenguins wrote:

    [...]People are always saying that we should except our selves.. And be happy with our bodies.. And love our selves no matter what.. Size we are yet here is a man that.. Clearly dose just that ok given it may be to a extreme...

    Yes! People should love themselves and accept themselves as the person they are and what they look like, be humble yet happy.

    But when you have someone like Pete here hell-bent on self destruction and so deep into self loathing that he doesn't even know he is doing this to himself someone has got to say something other than good freaking luck and I am happy for you!!

    Because I am NOT happy for him. I am sad for him. I am fearful for him.

    In his quest to be so morbidly obese he is killing himself slowly, pound per pound, and some twisted psychosomatic intrusion has him believing that this is something he wants.

    I am sad because maybe he wants death instead of life. It's like he has been persecuted all of his life for being who he is and now instead of saying "yeah, this is me so get over it!" he is packing on the pounds as some sort of societal rebellion as if to say "thought I was fat then, take a look at me now! What you say doesn't affect me I'll weigh more just to show you!"


    Husband and wife are arguing about finances. Wife has a weight watchers meeting at 2 pm that is going to cost her $15. Husband says "why are you going when you know it's just past Thanksgiving and you have gained at least two pounds?" ... wife's eyes alight with fire as she pulls out a Hershy's candy bar and forcefully, viciously bites off one third of it. Smiling evilly as she chews the sugary confection she replies's "because I want to"!

    Moral of the story: Wife gained three pounds; the candy bar, while effectively expressive during a temper tantrum did not help her reach her goals, nor did the demonstration win the argument.

    I <3 JumboPete
    JumboPete should too.
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    Pink Penguins (nice to see you back!), each time Pete doesn't post for a while I hope he is having a fun and busy time. I also wonder if it's because he's killed himself.

    We should all be happy with who we are but not to the point of self destruction. Being happy fat is good, but forcing yourself to get fatter and fatter ... well I don't have to explain really do I?
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 11, 2006 at 06:30 AM

    I was reading this thread here..And I couldn't help but have something come to mind..People are always saying that we should except our selves.. And be happy with our bodies.. And love our selves no matter what.. Size we are yet here is a man that.. Clearly dose just that ok given it may be to a extreme..And has been kinda almost.. Put down for it some what.. Now I know its not healthy to be that large.. And he must also some were in the back of his head know that too.. I assume hes a adult of sound mind.. I guess what I'm getting at is.. Its nice to warn people about stuff.. But no need to take it to the point of passing judgment on any one.. After all doesn't the rest of society already do that enough to larger people? Any ways.. Do be carefull pete for your own health.. Congrats on finding some one to be happy with.. Hope it works out great for you bouth.. :)
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    ... the rest of the rant...

    *IF* you live to be 700 pounds, you will be immobile. Then, if you are lucky and you do not die from any of the aforementioned illnesses, there will be nothing more to do but lie there and wait to die in your sleep from the carbon monoxide poisoning that the fat surrounding your throat is trapping inside your body every time you exhale. It's called hypoventilation. Your body will not be able to expel the carbon monoxide and you will succumb slowly, quietly to its toxic death kiss.

    I suggest you Anne Collins and do something to help yourslef before you are incapable of doing anything at all.

    I hope you know that you deserve more out of life than what you are giving yourself.
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    Ya know, I couldn't believe what I was reading when I came across this thread. So I read more of Pete's posts and ... well I still can't believe it.

    I am a serious advocate of loving yourself be it fat, skinny, obese or morbidly obese. It's all about frame of mind. I don't wish to come down on anyone that is over weight, I myself have been close to 400 pounds...

    but MY GOD.

    How, Pete, can you be so happy trapped in 400 plus pounds of blubber? How can you be happy with the rashes and the restricted movement and labored breathing you must experience ANYTIME you move? How can you be happy with having to have someone else wipe your a*s? - Or not wiping it at all? ... Or bathing you for that matter. I can't even begin to imagine.

    I agree with Biird here on this one. You are self destructing and your woman is helping you commit suicide.

    Why? Does the attention you get from the staring passerby make you feel noticed ... different? Does all that belly make you feel indomitable? Do you have absolutely no love for yourself whatsoever?? Do you not think that your life is precious and a gift?? Do you not think that you mean anything to anyone in this world?? Or do you just like the idea of being an invalid and having someone take care of you like you were a helpless infant?

    Because, you know, if you continue down this path that is what you will ultimately become before you finally die from any number of the many medical issues you WILL encounter. To name a few: heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, vascular problems, respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, severe pancreatitis... the list is endless. Your immune system is weakening with every pound you gain.

    You are more susceptible to infection and the inability to heal from even minor cuts and abrasions ... and those rashes you are getting between folds of skin are going to fester into blistering, smelly nasty holes that will not heal.

    .to be cont...