What is your favorite theme for conversation? DATING

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    Hi everybody,

    Have a question. Have you ever had one of those conversations when you have no idea what to say, although by reading profile and looking at the picture you like the person, but have no idea what to say? And then you are trying to pull subject from any place of your body?
    or sometimes you are getting questions that makes me feel uncomfortable. Such as
    "are you into sports??" - Well I like sport but look at the name of the site, do you think I'm really into it?
    So I?m just looking for ideas. What is your favorite theme for conversation?
    Or should I say , which subject is safe to discuss ?:)
    Thanks !
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    I usually say something like "u have beautiful I's" then she says "but you've never seen me before" then I say "I know, I just think you have beautiful typing. Or something like that.
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    In the interest of finding out more about the individual, I try to find out what they do for a living and then follow up with asking them how they decided to go into that line of work. Was it a burning desire from childhood? Is it just a waystation on the journey to something else? Is it just a way to pay for their rent/mortgage and the things that are really important to them in life. Do they have a long-term dream they're working toward?

    I ask about their family relationships; parents, siblings, children, pets, etc. because their responses are meaningful in the context of any relationship.

    Discussing their interests outside of work is key because that is sometimes where their real passion lies.

    Of course, you can always ask them what makes them wonderful, what their friends would say about them if you asked, what their superhero name would be, etc.
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    i like talking about things in the profiles. Like for me, i mention im a theatre and art lover. Thats a good one to start with! lol

    ...i also find politics can be good. lol As long as some dont take it outta hand!
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    I tend to do like some here and try to pick out something in their profile. Now alot of times, there is a very short profile; which then opens the door to, the fluffy stuff and general questions. :)
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    "Did you know the "crying litter Indian" was actually Italian?"

    I did not know this! It's true - you DO learn something new every day :)
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    I agree with biigbiirdy

    Music might me a safe bet too.

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    I concur, she is a hottie :)
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    I like to approach a conversation with the whole getting to know thier background as indepth as I can but for a general theme, I prefer to get into the philosophical, gives me an idea on how they think and what not.
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    When I want to reply to a profile I see I usually look for something in the profile to comment on. Even if I'm not knowledgeable on the subject I'll discuss that fact.
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    yea sometimes in conversations an awkward lull can happen... maybe you haven't found the right person to chat with... or maybe your just new to the whole thing. (Or they are too).. Just speak whatever is on your mind... or if you really want to give this guy/gal a shot... just keep the conversation going... I personally like to think up odd questions.. just to see how the respond... and see how their mind "ticks"
    Example: "What is the first think you do when you wake up?"
    "If you were a bird.. what kind would you be?"
    "What nickname do you wish people would call you?"
    "Did you know the "crying litter Indian" was actually Italian?"

    As far as whats safe to talk about.. each person is different.. dip your toe in and feel around before you jump.

    "Pass the canoles!"

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    If it is a subject on the LargeFriends forum, then my answer would be what people look for in a mate and if they would consider being in a relationship with someone who was not their "type"?

    If it is a conversation with someone that I have just met and am trying to get to know, I always want to know about their family. I tend to pay attention to how they talk about their family because I think that it is a good gauge to find out how they might be in a relationship. It isn't a tool that is 100% perfect, but I am usually right about my assessment of the person.
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    I think I have two ....

    FOOD: Everyone has to eat, so whether it becomes a discussion about gourmet food or simply a favourite chocolate bar or ice cream flavour it's a fairly safe bet, especially on this site!

    MUSIC: Most people have a preference so it can be an interesting topic, either to reminisce about the music we grew up with or compare favourire new up-and-coming bands. Of course there's always the chance of a major clash of tastes but that's the risk you take!