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    I'm 36 and I've put 47 as a maximum age on who I'm looking for simply because I'd possibly like to be a father one day and I know it's tricky for older ladies to have babies. But there's a bunch of nice ladies over 50 here and you just hang in there and you'll get your guy!
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    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think it's absolutely wonderful to hear from those who have a bit more time to gain some wisdom and experience. It would be great to hear from you all more often!
    I'm no spring chicken myself, but gee... where have you all been hiding??? Speak up! *smile*
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    I sure hope that theres someone out there for us older BBW. As they say..."The best is yet to come". I know these are the best years of My life and the only thing lacking is that special someone to share it with.

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    Just my opinion...but...I really believe its better to be a member on here if you want to meet someone....I was for a very long time and now taking a break...but...I when I am ready to I will be a paying member again....it just gives you more options....
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    hi i am 52 from england. where are all the older men in england. i am a ssbbw and looking for friendship thats all.
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    I think it's great that there are some mature BBWs like yourself. I've been a member of this site for about 6 months and was getting a bit discouraged that there seem to be only young women here.
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    I've only been on this site for a few months and I have had lots of contact with some great men. I think it helps to post here in the forum because this gives a peak into your personality... at least it can if you are open and just be yourself. I think it also helps to be a member because you can then see who's looking at you. If you are not a member, why not try it for a month... send out lots and lots of emails and see what happens. I like what Geminiboss always says.... remember to smile because you never know who is looking.... I think that also applies to your profile and your posts on the forum. Write with a "smile" and be happy and upbeat and positive...and be sure your photo is a good one. No offense, but I have seen some of the photos and I wouldn't contact that person either because they look mad or sad or depressed or all three! After all... you catch more bees with honey than vinegar!
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    I'm sorry you two have had a poor experience, but I believe someone else said it best on another thread. you get out of this site what you put into it. Think of it this way, it may be that the type of person you would be compatible with is just as shy as you. So make the first move, browse the profiles, and send winks of your own. I have met several very nice people from this site (even if there was no chemistry and I am still looking, they were great people) and I live in an area where there aren't really alot of members in my age group.

    Don't get me wrong, i have had my bad experiences (like the one who claimed I couldn't call him at home because until he and his ex sold the house they bought together, he couldn't afford to live elsewhere, and she flipped out if women called him.) but not every man is like that, and in my opinion, the majority are just average people just like everyone else.
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    I would tend to agree with you Christina- have had a profile posted here for well over a year, the majority of men that have winked ( I haven't decided to join as a full memeber yet) have been either married or looking for a casual thing, been there done that have the t-shirt! Whats a girl to do? Would like to meet up with someone local to hang with and hopefully meet men that way. What part of Jersey Chris?? NJ here as well. Good luck!
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    I wonder if any woman on this website has a chance. I have been on here for one year and not gotten one date. Men in general are the same no matter what age--they are not honest. I have had many men contact me, seem to be interested, want to meet, then they are gone. I am discouraged in New Jersey.
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    IMMALEILLINOIS....WOW...your a cutie...ever considered moving to GA?
    wink wink
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    Well, *I*'m certainly hoping so!
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 30, 2005 at 02:13 AM

    So far my experience has been a qualified "yes" ... that is, I do get interest, but they are mostly from much younger men with a Mrs. Robinson complex (ewwwwwwwww). Okay, sorry about the ewww if that's your thing, it's just not mine. And as long as I'm complaining I'll mention that even worse, they don't accept "I'm sorry but you're too young" as a definitive answer, but then have to continue to try to persuade me (one asked me, well, didn't I want a boy toy of my very own? gack!). I've almost gotten to the point of just not answering a younger man's email or IM at all, just because I'm tired of the hassle... but that's just so RUDE to not answer, you know? I really, really hate to be rude, especially when it's such a nice compliment anyway, even if I'm not interested!

    Of course, I've always been attracted to older men, and now that I'm older myself, that hasn't changes.
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    Dear Gmamna *smile*

    Definitely...judging by what I can see! It's all good. Depending on the company you keep...

    Take care

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