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    First off, I would like to say just how happy I am to have FINALLY found a site that accepts women for having a "healthy look' to them. What is the attraction some men have to skeletons? I have been divorced for 6 years & have dated off & on, but the men I have been involved with have had underlying issues with my weight. I love my body & love to show off my curves, tastefully. I mean, my stretch marks from having 3 heffers don't show.
    I have been online for quite a while & met some interesting people. I am always upfront about not being a size 6, but for some reason I have met a couple men that thought I should have been smaller than what they thought I looked like in my pics. My pics are up to date...I just don't understand it. Can men be that blind?
    Anywho, my rant is Just wanted to say hi & introduce myself.

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    Hiya! And welcome to the site...I had the exact feeling when I first discovered BBW sites (not that long ago, actually!!). You were saying about your picture, and men expecting you to be thinner? I had a look at your picture, but a lot of you is cut off, you can really only see your face (which is quite slim)...I had the same problem in other dating sites, I too only had a face picture, to endure a lot of abuse from men who accused me of not being accurate with my pics! Just a handy tip...I would put on a full body picture, as this way there is no misunderstanding. I've put on one that I hate, but hey, I've actually had more winks since putting it on than, go figure!! :) Good luck!
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    Hi, doesn't it feel good to be accepted? That's the way I felt when I first joined. Anyway those guys where idiots, forget about them. Their are better ones out their.