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    My guess is that men that are attracted to larger women tend to see the beautiful heart and soul under the wrappings
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    my pretty lady always beleive in yourself.i know how you feel but you remember you are not alone with this problem.i have being on this site for really two years and i have only received only one comment .but i think its worth to wait for the right man in your case . in mine i hope my princess is some where looking for me.
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    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum but wanted your advice. I'm putting the finishing touches on a product called "How to make your own plus size lingerie" and wanted to know what your #1 question is. If you fill out this short survey below I'll send you a free copy before the dvd is released to the public. Thanks
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    Really, BBW is just another classification for "woman". You could fill in that blank with Latina/Black/Older/etc, and it'd all be the same thing.

    Yes, some guys just enjoy more meat on their women. Some view it as beautiful, or being skinny as being fake. I don't really share their views, but everyone's different.

    Why should weight matter? Or curves? I mean, that is what BBW is, right? Big Bodied Woman? Or is it Big Breasted Woman? Eh, I've seen both.

    But really, who cares? Women are women, people are people.

    Think of it like this, if you will: we can see each other's pics, profiles, yeah yeah that's all great. But really, we don't know that those pics are real, that the profile is honest, etc, right?

    So, we get to know each other by talking, by socializing. More often than not, we'll really become enamored by each other's personalities, and as such, that's all that really matters.

    Personally? Of the BBWs I've mingled with, I've found that they're funnier, smarter, more mature, and are VERY good in bed compared to a non-BBW. Maybe I just got lucky?
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    Yea my ex told me he wasnt attracted to me anymore either...but yet he left me for a blk females who is 3 times my size imagine that...seems men can sometimes be cruel but sometimes dishonest also..i mean i dont care if u dont like big women but what trips me out is men on a bbw site and say they "only " want a thick woman.... big breasts and ass's. I mean we big girls big girls hello why if u want a only a thick female would u b on there on a bbw site ?? neva understood that ..

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    You know ive dated different types of men but i have come across no one personaly that liked bbw's until i found these websites. Its a shame cause no one ever lives aroundme . Anyways ive always had a prob wit my weight allmy life and now even tho im a decent looking female i dont get asked out and i dont approach anyone in fear of rejection..ijust wish some men looked beyond the physical and seen what was inside. I date blk men only and it seems either im to big or not big enough seemsi just cant win . I just want one man that is crazy bout me and not want to change me. But the weight does play a role in dating as well as every other aspect in my life. If I cant find a man who is ok with me weight tell me how will i ever be?

    Now I dont have a complex because im at the point where im like u either love me or u dont love it all or dont borther with me...

    ive seem some of the ladies on here and i feel we are all beautiful and whomever doesnt like it tuff and to those who do like us i think its great that u dont hide it loike most men do and we all have a place to come and find each other !

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    Ask me a serious question, and you will usually get a silly and funny answer.. Why, cause thats the way I get through my life.

    But ask me why I prefer the "larger & Cuddlier" ladies ?? Well.. I just said Cuddlier .. didn't I.

    OK, sit back, as this is gonna be a long one ...

    Me for one, and this goes back to me being 16 and single, had a few lassies that I knew of, but wasn't interested in any of them.
    Done a few differing things and met a few new folks, again, just folks, good laughs but nowt else, turned 17, nothing new, same old same old.

    Then it happened, saw this lass in blue denims speaking to my pal Jimbo, and was instantly annoyed, this lass was cute as a button just to look at, and it seemed like it was Jimbo's lass...

    So I just started to chat with folks and ended up getting to know this lass a bitty better, what she liked and other stuff, how they met, and got laughed at, Jimbo isn't with Teresa they said... WHEWWW!!!

    Teresa can only be described in this way, take a nice irish lass (ok half irish/half scottish ) but raised up by irish folks, devout catholic, smaller than me at 5'5 (am 5'8) and only dresses up for the church, emerald green eyes that peirce from afar, mousey brown hair that sits over the shoulders and a fair complexion with a few ickle freckles at the nose.

    One Word .... HOMELY !!!

    Now lets work down a little, cuddly, not to big, just stocky like, working further down, hips and legs to die for, you know that kinda slightly larger hips that you feel you just have to rest your hands on when you kiss someone, like that, and her legs .. Hmmmm.... brb .. need a cold shower ... dries off.. ahh better :)

    After chatting to others and Teresa, I kinda decided that this was the lass I wanted to be going out with, Jimbo had a party happening soon, so I spoke to Teresa and asked her if she was going with anyone to the party, to which she giggled and ran off ??

    ?? Confused ?? I went to speak to Jimbo's lass, who was Teresa's pal, and she said that she had to ask me something ???
    Interrogation time, "Was I seeing anyone" NO! "what do you think of Teresa" ?? This is when I giggled and Jimbo laughed his butt off, as he knew I fancied her.

    We eventually found Teresa again, and all had a giggle at my expense, then I just kinda blurted it out...

    "Teresa, would you like to goto this party with me..."

    she giggles again and says this.. " thought you would never ask me" ...

    by this time Jimbo is on the floor killing himself laughing, as this is the first time he knew of me liking a specific lass.

    Now Teresa was slightly older than me, am 17, she was 20, and she does a lot of walking, her aunty has some dogs, so I joined Teresa for this and we got to know each other quite well, even intimately.

    I had to go away for a wee while, doing a course, but travelled back and fore to spend time with Teresa.

    When I got back, I had changed a wee bitty, broader shoulders, went to see Teresa and she just smiled. Wayne's back, all is good again. Got a party going with the regulars, and had a damned good laugh... then I was 18 and it was Teresa's birthday, 21st. Big family do, and I was invited to go, now her family knew I was seeing her as her boyfriend, but, they were wary as I wasn't a catholic.

    So we went together, got her a nice summer jacket that I spotted her looking at one time.. Yes.. she now had 2 of these jackets :| .. sighhh.

    Teresa had dressed up for this, nice summery dress thing, to say she looked stunning would be an understatement.

    In Denims she looks fabulous, pile on a T-Shirt and she makes the perfect biker chic. But put her in a dress and she becomes a hell of a lot more, yes she is slightly cuddlier than most the other folks her age, but this is Teresa, she carries it well. Walking with Teresa in this dress was hard, trying not to lay my hand on her butt took a lot of concentration.

    We had a dance or 10 that night, and laughed a hell of a lot as Jimbo and others had crashed the party, as we knew they would do.

    Lots happened after that night, me and T got really serious.

    but that is a different story.

    Why do I personally appreciate BBW's or the larger ladies...

    Confidence and honesty.

    I find them to be more sure of themselves, more caring as well and the last bit is the main part for me.. CUDDLIER !!!

    I kinda like music a LOT...

    Freddie Mercury says it well .. * Fat Bottomed Girls *
    and Mike gets it as well * Big Girl, You Are Beautiful *

    For me though, I will always remember what I had with my first bbw G/F...

    ats me finished, gonna go for another cold shower.. CYA
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    OK, as a man I will try to explain how I feel about skinny and BBW womem. First, I am an artist... have been all my life. If you look at great paintings throughout history... ALL the ladys depecticed are BBWs!!! At least to us artist, you are more feminine, more sexy, and MORE NORMAL. Skinny women are for calendars, and for shallow men. Personally, I do, indeed, prefer the company and intimacy of a BBW... it is hard to explain. I know one thing is that you are "REAL ! ! !" I find skinny women are too fashion conscious, too interested in themselves... and shallow like so many men. BBWs seem to be more natural... in their personalities, and in all they do. And... as lovers.... hummmmmmmm... you are the very best. I guess I am rambling here...but BBWs rule! John
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    Tired of the letters.. I am a woman, with curves, meat on my bone, always heard Cowboys like meat, men like bones.. LOL ok made myself giggle.. have a good nite
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    That was a lovely thing to say, it really touched me.

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    I just like somebody who doesn't look like they need a sandwich! Can be average sized or voluptuous or whatever the case may be... but something about those skinny women *shudders* Maybe it's just me...

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    Well since this conversation still seems active, I'll post something (I'm new to the site).

    One thing I can say is that this type of prejudice is not common in the pagan community. The young, thin pretty maidens are admired, but they are not revered like we older, larger sages. Our value systems are not dictated by tv, movies and the media in general but by our relationship to the Earth-Mother Goddess. Our men know that we are the ones with the most refined, intuned magick (and that includes sex magick!).

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    genetic i think?

    who knows? it's nothing besides what I find attractive. I like skinny girls and I like big girls. I don't like obese women, but a few extra pounds to me is the way woman should look. I appreciate girls who are 'fit' and skinny and understand their beauty. But when it comes to what I find attractive... its bigger women. That probably makes no sense but its all I can offer.
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    Well Im a few months late in answering you lady but dont let that idiot that calls you names get to you. Remember people like that have real big self esteem issues which is why they attack online that is because they wont get the taste slapped out of their mouths. But they dont interact well in person either with the world. So consider the source and move on..Warthog? Thats nothing compared to what I have been called and let me tell you..the less you react the more they try to attack. I just imagine them sitting at the computer, steam coming out of their ears because you didnt respond in the way they wanted you too...lolol and they are probably in their holey underwear!!!
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    I always thought that BBWs and/or chunky women are more lively, more happy of living. I think I like them because i feel safe: a BBW is like being at home, if you get what I mean.

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    i love a big beautiful woman....there is no way to explain it...im just attracted to bigger women
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    Since this seems to be a pretty popular topic..let me throw in my opinion...Why do we have these "tags" like BBW, BBA SSBW, etc etc. UGH!..stop it people!..WE are not "brands" or "varities"...we are all unique, I am attracted to ALL women, I just have gravitated towards voluptuous women because of their inner substance,personality,or outer beauty (mostly a combination of all three)..Guys are pretty complicated, but ladies, just go with it!..WE like you, we really, really do!.... ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...........
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    All I must say is that I have been reading different boards on here and see all the real nice gentlemen that are out of the Country and not in the USA. That really sucks to live here and have more out of country folks love BBW than this pitiful USA.
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    wrong question - why do men like skinny women that lack any feminity would be better to ask. i mention this here just because i was asked this questions many times in the past and always asked by fat women - added by comments like with your look you wouldn't need to take a fat girl ... most simply didn't believed me to find them more attractive than every model type girl i've met. it is so much easier to date with the so-regardes hottest shot in a club than to arrange a date with a bbw - they doubt you when flirting with them, as if they carry hard with the burden to not fit the standard
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 26, 2006 at 05:32 PM

    Cheers to you SittingBear!