What was the last concert you went too? Music

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    I hadn't been to a concert in MANY years, but last week, I took my 15 year old daughter to see Chris Brown for her birthday. We had an ABSOLUTE blast, I had forgotten how nice live music was and the show was superb. For young performers, Chris and some of the others put on a fabulous show. I am definitely going to start seeing live performances again soon. :-)
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    I saw The Police in September ... they were fab!
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    Just saw Rush on 6/20/07 great show 3 hours of live music with no opening band under the wide open sky..yummy last month saw Type O Negative at a club Still rockin. Will be seeing Allman Brothers again in Aug. and DMB, and Def Leopard,Styxx, Foriegner have seen all of them multiple times.Oh yes musn't forget wide spread panic twice in April they always open the season here on 4/20 and 4/21 every year awesome jam band. Firehouse, next week at downtown live (gotta get the big hair fix..lol) and Warrant next month.... Both free shows hell ya! Show most anxiously anticipating The Police,(If anyones seen this 2007 tour yet please drop me a line and give me the 411. I will travel for this show if they don't stop here. I saw them at the Orange Bowl in the 80's when I was very young can't wait to see them as an adult. Over the years I have been very very lucky to have seen lots and lots of shows. Pink Floyd, Jimmy Paige, Black Crows, Tom Petty, Green Day, U2 (First North American tour, outstanding show) Kiss( everyone should see at least one Kiss show in their lifetime, theres nothing like it), Aerosmith both seperately and together, Eagles, ZZ top, Skynard, Duran Duran ( dont laugh), Queensryche, Rob Zombie, Korn, Tool, Ozzy(ozzfest) Clutch, Lenny Kravitz, Motley Crue with and without Tommy, much better with ..lol Cinderella, Ted Nugent,Ratt, Poisen, Metallica, G-n-R, Kid Rock, Heart, Journey,Stained, Disturbed,Fleetwood Mac,Nickleback 2x's in the last couple of years, Rolling Stones etc. etc. etc.. Okay in case you haven't guessed I am a Music Maniac and this list could go on for days. I would be happy going to a concert every day of the week there is nothing absolutly nothing like going to a live show be it in a stadium,outdoor pavillion or a bar.Music especially Live is just such a beautiful thing it touches my soul and what a gift that is to recieve!!!! Glad I found this thread, thanks for starting it I will keep this one tagged as a favorite ;) it Rocks!!!!
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    Rob Zombie and Anthrax last July...so awesome!!!
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    I am going to see the White Stripes in July and I am very excited.

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    Re:Rockchick ,,,I LOVED the concert ..I've bee na KISS fan since I was little & was glad to finally be able t osee them ....OMG ,,you shoulda seen Paul dancing around in those tightlittle pants & no shirt ..All I can say is HOT ...

    Rockchickbbw write:
    How did you like the KISS/Aerosmith concert luvbrd ...?? I would have LOVED to have seen that double , I have seen KISS 3 times now ( and yes all concerts were almost the same) lol but have never had the opportunity to see Aerosmith ....

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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 06, 2006 at 10:23 AM

    North Carolina Symphony; Harry Connick Jr.; Linkin Park, POD; Coldplay; Evanescence, Cold; ICP; Michael Buble, Marc Broussard ... not necessarily in that order but this year.

    (chaperon for my niece for several of these events lol)
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    Southerngracelady write:
    In August my brother, myself and one of my friends daughter along with one of her friends went and saw Poison and Cinderella's 25th Anniversary Concert in Birmingham.

    Re: i saw that smae concert but in San Bernardino califorina it was a great concert
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    Well Nick Cave was the last gig I was at back in Feb 06. Just him and 3 of the bad seeds - very acoustic. The man is an absolute genius...... I think the next one will be Nine Inch Nails. Yeah I know I am a sad old goth..... it never goes away....

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    Rockchickbbw write:
    Oh been to SO many great concerts ... Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Korn, Metallica, Pantera, Velvet Revolver , The Doors of the 21st century, Nirvana ..... etc etc ... but am seeing Motley Crue Saturday and I think thats going to be AWESOME !! Tommy Lee ..... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jamiroqai is playing the same night as Motley .... Sydney will be buzzing on Saturday night !


    Well, I haven't been to see a band since last year, but it was worth waiting the twenty years to see them... U2!!!!

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    The last concert I went to was Bryan Adams and he was amazing. He performed at a few football stadiums over the summer in England and I was lucky enough that one of them was where I live although having seen him live I would definitely travel to see him again. Am off to see Snow Patrol on the 28th, can't wait.
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    I have seen many groups throughout the years.I have seen Chicago twice,Dan Folgelberg,Billy Joel,Jimmy Buffet,I have seen the Eagle's twice.The first time I saw them was in Frankfurt when I was stationed in the Army there.Hotel California just came out that year.That was their first song and the crowd went wild.
    I have also seen Amy Grant & Vince Gill,Poco,any many more.My favorite concert was one I saw at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill,NC. I saw James Taylor. I was born in South Carolina. When I heard him sing "Carolina on my mind" I got goose bumps. His voice is pure and clean.His voice hasn't changed since he started many years ago in the music business.
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    I'm country all the way. My last concert was George Strait, and before that Tim McGraw.
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    This is a reply to an old post of yours... but yes - it's just your age.

    Do you really think it's that different? Did people not wear studded collars when you were younger? Most likely it was just kept in private - along with wearing womens underware.

    Grow... up? No - down.
    Loosen up dude! Maybe you should never have stopped smoking "stuff"!
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    The last one I went to in Melbourne was eight years ago Billy Joel/Elton John it was great.My daughter said I embarrassed her and she was never going with me again.Guess what she wants to take me to Billy Joel next month but only if I behave myself (fat chance)I'll go to see Eric Clapton myself my daughter hates me to have a rocking time.

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    Saw the Rolling Stones back in Aug at Cardiff Millennium Stadium. They may be old and wrinkly but boy, they can entertain!! It was fantastic and worth every penny, and a privilege to see them.

    Prior to that in July, I took a friend to see Tom Jones, who's not really my cup of tea but it was a birthday present for my friend. He was fantastic and a total showman...that man can party. There was not one single person sitting and at 60 something, he has a fantastic body!......I'd go again.
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    In August my brother, myself and one of my friends daughter along with one of her friends went and saw Poison and Cinderella's 25th Anniversary Concert in Birmingham.
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    My first post!
    I saw The Living End and End of Fashion just last week. It was fantastic!
    But I've also seen Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Creed, and Matchbox Twenty. Last year I saw Missy Higgins and Ben Lee together, and a few years ago I went to something called M1, where they had heaps of bands including Midnight Oil, Nickelback, Lifehouse, The Tea Party and a few others that I can't remember right now.
    I recently got tickets to see Elton John later this year. So yeah - a bit of variation :-) I would go to heaps more if they weren't so darned expensive!
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    Just got back from the Bestival - a smallish festival here on the little ol' Isle of Wight.

    Headliners, and my absolute favourite of the weekend were Scissor Sisters. Their version of Comfortably Numb went down a storm, but every track was fab.

    Also saw The Stranglers, Lily Allen, Kid Creole and the Coconuts and The Pet Shop Boys - not bad since I won the tickets in a competition so it didn't cost a bean!! (And only 20 mins drive from home!)
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    Get a picture with Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust. That would rock!