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    Lately I have been taking some chances that before I never would have. On Sunday I finally got the nerve to call this guy that I have been chatting with. He came over meet my sister, its a rule someone in the family have to meet the guy in my life, and than we were off.

    The date started out alright we went out to eat and sat and talked for over an hour. Than the date went south, he wanted to hit a casino and told me that I was responsible for pulling him away from the table. To make a long story short he lost two grand in three hours. The next day he went back without me and lost two grand more. He than called me and blamed it all on me saying that I should have pulled him from the table.

    I find that other than the gambling and the blaming on me he is a great guy. We click and understand each other. The time we spent on the phone and finally just talking face to face was wonderful. I thought he was everything I was looking for. I know that I should just stop talking to him and move on but I keep thinking that I am leaving something good behind. How do I break it off without hurting myself? I dont think he will really care one way or another as long as he has a dollar to gamble with.
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    The best way to break this one off is to explain to this gentleman that you are not into gambling, and feel that you should not have to be responsible for "pulling him away from the table". You may hurt for a little while, but trust me, you'll be better off. I would think twice about entering any sort of relationship with someone who has a serious gambling problem like that...and then blames you for it.

    I once dated a man for a few weeks whose favorite haunt was the local casino. He thought the best date was to go there and split his winnings with me. Nice idea, but he was doing it to impress me - but to his own detriment. I got a call from him about a week afterwards, saying he'd been evicted for not paying his rent - I told him we should stop seeing each other until he got his life on track...and never heard from him again. I count myself lucky, because I am pretty sure it wouldn't have been long before he was asking me for money to bail him out of the mess he was in.
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    I would 100% stay away from someone with a gambling addiction no matter their other attributes, especially one that has no clue they have an addiction. I have seen people lose everything they own due to a spouse with a gambling problem. House, cars, savings, retirement, etc. It is an addiction and one that is hard to kick. It is as nasty as alcohol and drug addictions. It is not your responsibility to keep him from the table. If he does not have self control, he is probably in need of help that you would not be able to provide him. It's one thing to chat with a person, it's another to become involved to the extent you put yourself at risk.