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    I am new to this board. As you can see from the picture, I am large and am enjoying gaining. At 375 with a 60" plus waist, I enjoy being fat and am looking to continue growing. My goal is to get to around 600 and be as large as I can be and still walk around. I like going for walks and showing my size. I love to eat and can't wait to keep growing. I like buying larger sizes even it is hard to find clothes.
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    willie, pete. pete, willie. get to know each other, you've got a LOT in common.
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    Hey guys,
    I think it's great that you are confident and independent and secure with your size but at some time health problems are going to kick in and you are going to have trouble breathing, trouble walking, diabetes, stroke and all the problems that come with poor health. How about being solid and large and enjoying life while living it and getting around with out too many complications? How do your friends and family feel about being the ones that are going to have to take care of you or lose you due to your "living large" obsession/goal? I know my family care for me and help me out and I'm not on course for self destruction ...easy does it and please take care.
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    I was thinking like you but at almost 700 I'm starting to change my mind...