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    Will I ever find someone to love me and my kids. I am currently pregnant with my second child and have left my partner as he found someone else.. I hope to still find someone but will my pregnancy hold me back??
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    I personally think it easier to look when the children are still babies as then they are more likely to grow up with a daddy.

    My ex moved in when my youngest was four and is the best step daddy still, even after we separated.

    Now my children are 10 and 12 and following my singles ads with great interest and much discussion *gulps* I dont personally find that easier:)! :)

    My children have two perfectly wonderful fathers- my exhusband (who left when they were babies but stayed very close to them) and my ex defacto. The step daddy did much of the actual hard work raising of them and stayed withthem alot, lot longer

    Even though I ended that relationship two years ago I dont regret it. It was absolutely the best thing for my children.

    Everyone is different:)
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    I think you can find someone.

    Just be super extra careful about meeting people. Some tips before meeting people are get a landline phone number for the person and check it, not just at the expected time etc. Put all internet and other information in a safe place in your house a real life friend knows about, and also send it to a webmail someone like a very trusted sibling or close friend knows the pass to. Meeting in public places first time and not changing location etc. Immediately discontinue contact with anyone who objects to your being safe and thinks you should trust instead.

    I like to keep having safe calls with effective backup (people know exactly what to do in all circumstances if you dont make a call, and you take a charged mobile phone) for every date even after years.

    When I used internet dating to meet my most recent ex I also used to make it clear I wouldnt be tumbling into bed, which acts as bit of a screen and I think you are right about that.
    I found some guys not after commitment would hang out for multiple dates over months unable to quite believe it- Some would even put me in a diary to ring back when they had known me longer! LOLOL

    There are many men who love family, would make great fathers, and can love both you and your babies. You just need to find the one special one.

    You know yourself best, for some women waiting to look is best for themselves and their children, for others it is better to look.