International Appeal !! for BBW DATING

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    I was just reading article online, that stated best countries where men are open to BBW, well here is the list Pakistan, Egypt,Morocco,India,Ireland,United Kingdom,Turkey, South Africa !! well I was wondering how true is this, and from your experience what countries would you say that is true or not true and do you have any countries to add !! what was your experience when you traveled or met a man from European country,Scandimavian Etc...
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    Egypt is "open" to all women, especially if they are non-muslim and Caucasian. I have travelled quite a lot and that is the worse country I have ever been as a woman. I had to wait for my male friends to get out of the boat otherwise it was pretty uncomfortable and it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable.

    Pakistan is dangerous for many reasons, politically, religiously and based on gender. I know a couple of people who went there lately (men and women) and security was not good. Do some reading about the position of women in the Pakistanese society.

    India is great. I had some troubles only at the Taj Mahal, none of the other areas we visited in Rajahstan. If you are both tall and large, be prepared for a LOT of attention which is not always comfortable. People will look at you as if you were a curiosity, point at you, take pictures without asking, put themselves near you and then take "comparing" pictures, etc. (that was even worse in Vietnam).

    Turkey (Istanbul) was great, nothing to say, very nice persons, not odd behaviour, etc. Except I should wear a sign saying "I am not German" but after a few trips I am used to it :-)  It you get out of touristic places it might change but I think it will always be nice and not agressive like in Egypt.

    As for Morocco, I had a friend who is a SSBBW who went there and it was a nightmare in the "Medina", especially with the kids who ran after her screaming and laughing (Marrakech). She was in the main touristic city so I cannot say what would/could have happened in the country.

    I please guilty, I have not yet crossed the Channel to go to England... 2 hrs away!