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    Hillary Rotten Clinton announced her candidacy for the highest political office in the world, to wit, President of The United States of America.  I BELIEVE in America, but I do NOT believe in Hillary.  She is a total fraud.  America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Hillary is not free, as she will cost you a lot of money if elected, and you would have to be very brave to vote for such a worthless puke.  If you collect a pile of dog vomit on the sidewalk, you might be able to sell it to some fool for a wooden nickel.  That is MORE than what Hillary is worth.  Even though she charges a quarter of a million dollars an hour for a speaking engagement, I would not attend one of these speeches if you gave ME a quarter of a BILLION dollars. 


    Did I remember to tell you that Hillary is a worthless puke?  I certainly hope I remembered.

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    Is anyone alive out there??  Just checking.

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    Hillary Rotham was fired from her first internship, as she was investigating the Watergate conspiracy of Richard Nixon.  In actuality, Nixon had a profound influence on Hillary.  You see, subconsciously, Hillary always admired Nixon, and she always wanted to emulate him, even though she is a liberal Democrat and Nixon was a conservative Republican. 


    Nixon was a real jerk.  So is Hillary.  Nixon had a foul mouth.  So does Hillary.  Nixon had a lot of enemies.  So does Hillary.  Maybe Hillary IS Nixon.  Come to think of it, I have never seen the two of them together in the same room.  Hillary even LOOKS LIKE Nixon.  I do not want to meet any women out here that looks like Richard Nixon. 


    Hillary is a worthless puke.  I just thought I would say that.

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    Today when I woke up, I said to myself that I am happy to be alive, and I also said to myself that Hillary Clinton is a worthless puke.  Ben would agree with me on this.  You see, Ben will prevent Hillary from becoming President.  I am not talking about Ben Carson here.  I am not talking about the rat named Ben from the Willard movies.  You see, Willard was the boy and Ben was the rat, not the other way around, but I digress.  Getting back to the subject of Hillary, the vulgar dog who is really a rat herself, the Ben that I have in mind here would be none other than Ben Ghazi.  You see, Hillary lied about the whole episode in order to hide her incompetence, but even Barack Obama was aware of how she bungled the situation.  That is why she no longer has a job as Secretary of State.


    After all of this was said and done, Hillary decided she could use an escape goat to hide her incompetence.  Enter Susan Rice.  Hillary supplied the talking points, and Susan Rice took credit for them.  One would wonder what kind of career options Hillary extended to Susan Rice in the event that she would refuse to perform this role.  A little birdie told me that Hillary and her husband, one Mr. William Jefferson Clinton, have been in the habit of offering people career decisions for decades now.  If you don't believe me on this, ask Hillary's ex boyfriend, Vince Foster. 


    Some people have skeletons in their closets.  Hillary has a whole cemetary in her closet.

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    I know a political candidate, and Hillary is her name.

    Da da da da da da da da.  Hillary has no brain.  Du du.


    Normally I don't enjoy reverting to low class, grade school humor, and I try not to appear to be an idiot, but in this instance, all of my upper class values go right out the pigeon poop lined window.  When I discuss Hillary, my goal is to be the biggest idiot I can be.  She seems to bring this out in me.


    Did I ever tell you that Hillary is a worthless puke?  Of course I have.  I have told you this ninety-seven times.  I think I shall go for ninety-eight. 


    Hillary is a worthless puke.  So there!  I said it.  My life is now complete.

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    Although I do not wish to convey the impression that I am beating a dead horse here, it seems clear and obvious that I am alone in my condemnation of the worst political candidate in the U.S.A. since David Duke.  Nobody else seems inclined to raise an eyebrow or even give me an "attaboy" on this, so my attitude is plummetting even faster than Hillary's numbers.  Life in a vacuum is almost as bad as living in a cavity.  There is nobody else around except other decay germs.


    There are plenty of people in this country who work in warehouses.  There are plenty of garbage collectors, janitors, and cleaning people in this country.  Hillary should be one of them. 

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    Will someone please give me some validation on this?  Anybody?  I hate to think that I am a single voice in the wilderness, because if that were true, it would be a very sad commentary on our political process and on the future of our great nation.  Surely someone out there must be in agreement with me on this.  We need strength and intelligent decision making in the oval office, not anxiety, disarray, finger pointing, and lack of communication.


    There are several individuals in both parties who are excellent Presidential candidates, and Hillary is not one of them.