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    Is it just me, or am I really missing something here? I thought a dating site was about meeting other people, having a chat, and getting to make some new friends, maybe even find a partner. In the 3 weeks or so I've been coming here One person has said Hi. Just One out of the 72 people, to date, that have viewed my profile. I have viewed hundreds of profiles, seen some marvellous smiles, and read some interesting thoughts and wishes. Winked at quite a few ladies who I thought were interesting..... and guess what??
    ****** that's right! zippo, zero, zilch. So Ladies, am I really missing the point of this site... I'm really interested in your thoughts... I'm off now, going to go see a plastic surgeon about the huge invisible warts and hideous scars that mar my otherwise normal looks
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    Some people think my pics are fake. But I am trying to get verified. I like to look pretty for pics. My problem is there is no one around my area.
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    Same with me! I'm mostly online for the message boards, to tell the truth.

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    Hi there Gday to you. You were on my "viewed your profile" last year but I was having surgery so I didn't know, but here I am now, you can view my profile and I up loaded my pix. If you like it or just want to talk, please write, although I am not a PREMIUM MEMBER.

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 24, 2007 at 05:57 AM

    ziggys write:
    I don't get much on this site either...don't feel bad.

    I don't feel bad, Ziggy, more confused then anything. Things have changed a little since I posted this. I have a blog with the same name, and surprise, surprise, a few people have actually responded to it. I guess I was like the new kid in school, wanted everyone to like me straight away and be friends with everyone, but that only happens in fairytales. I have actually talked with a few people now and am beginning to enjoy visiting here. Was given some advice, and that was to get involved in the blogs and let people see my comments. It was very good advice, so just jump in wherever you see something worth commenting on.