Older White BBWs in UK & at Uni Cultures and Education Forward to friends

  • View author's info Author Posted on Aug 22, 2005 at 07:25 AM

    Hi, just thought I'd start a new thread for us older BBW's also at uni and from the UK.
    Anyone else the same as me here?

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 19, 2006 at 11:14 AM

    Sorry about the long wait for a reply, I haven't been online for a while!!
    I didn't quite get my degree, got a diploma, but I'm happy with that.
    Doing now? Looking for work, got a new fella in my life and... Well that's more than enough about me, how about you? Gwendoline & Jack, I hope your studies have gone really well, what are you both up to?
  • View author's info Posted on May 07, 2006 at 08:33 AM

    I'm about to start at the local art school to learn more about doing arty stuff on the pc

    Blessings Gwendoline
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 26, 2005 at 05:10 PM

    Hello Tea,
    I've only just seen this thread.
    I've been at home for a while, being a mum.
    I enrolled on a college course locally, and then they scrapped it, I was so disappointed.
    Anyway, just discovered the OU, and I start a 20 week course in November, which will hopefully lead to other courses if I get on OK.
    What are you doing, and how are you getting on?
    Jack x
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