Married People Lying Just to Get Laid. Romance

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    I recently found out a man on line here, synch ron ous01 is married and chasing women galore. He treats you so sweet and respectfully. You cannot imaging he is married. But he is. He lives in NY..not exactly sure where..he has given me 4 cities... but he does give out a work number, and a cell number. He doesn't carry the cell with him, nor check it when you get in the truck...It took me all of 4 dates to realize this man was lying, but I consider myself somewhat of a professional having been on line over 10 years. I don't know who else he has hurt or tried to hurt... Ladies... or gents, if you have no interest in sex with a married or occupied partner, then don't have sex..of any kind with them until you have been to their house and have their home phone number. And always stay safe.. if you meet someone always make a phone call to a friend and tell them where you are and the license plate of the person you are meeting. You can research so much if you have a license plate number. This way if they ever use a "date rape drug" or steal from can give the plat # to police. I make it perfectly clear I do not want a married man or anyone entangled...and if a married man decides to make me his target.. look out..he will be sorry for that... no one is going to try to screw me over if I can help it. I hope I have pointed out some things to help you ladies with this particular man... who works for M Lynch..he says he is a VP..when I called the number he gave me and asked for his was not VP... his profile says he is 47..and he does look it..except when he made a couple calculating mistakes..he had to tell me he was 56..since he was in vietnam... he has sweet manners... says he smokes only on weekends..and not in his truck..or in anyone's house.. the first day he came to see me..we spent from 9 am until 11 pm together and he smoked like a fiend...and drank perked coffee his kiss was gross. cigarettes n coffee...yummy. he has a nice truck.. with a GPS he is setting up in it.. front and back seat are bench seats..and the truck is a dark gray. He has a motorcycle..says he wants to take you riding and on weekend getaways..and when you are with him..don't even think of putting your hand in your pocket.. he talks about getting you clothes.. buying a leather halter.. and jeans to go riding. If he really was half of how he presents himself he would be a find.. what I did find out that if I didn't back him off he was always talking about sex... and of course telling me I was the only one he was seeing.. too bad I find out before he came to see me saturday he was seeing another woman in albany on friday. I hope she was not giving him any either. ok there is my rant on this particular gent..who also is on another internet service his other name starts with n2ghx... but of course he has no profile and "tried" to explain to me that he didn't know you could have a profile on the internet provider.. because the commercials about this..the largest one.. that even talks about profiles and pictures and IM's he has never seen and his daughter is the one who set it up so he has no clue... oh did I forget to tell you he is also an engineer..and he tells me he is 1 of 4 that own that M.Lynch branch. I couldn't quite figure out if the 4 men own the Franchise..why are they all VP's? who would be above the owners?

    sigh ok really this time I am out of here..if anyone cares to ask me about this man.. his name rhymes with Ben but isn't one of the first 10 letters of the alphabet.. I am not sure how much I can say outright. Oh and he has a last name like the mailman on a comedy show that is no longer on the air...the 4 main characters didn't like him... BTW of the 4 cosmo was the funniest in my estimation... but I liked elaine too.

    Please feel free to chat if you know him or of him..or if you have been in a similar situation... I don't like liars and if I can make it more difficult for them to find targets..I will.



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    I know who you are talking about... Are you still on here, I notice this is an old post, But "HE" is still at his game....Let me know...would love to chat...
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    First of all Im not at all defending this guy but there are plenty of women on here who are married and just wanting to get laid as well. Both men and women lie not just the men. Im involved witha married lady myself, but in her defense she was honest from the get go. Although were not just in it for the sex. But I will admit if a person is hiding he or she is married just for sex, then we dont need you on here wasting our time.
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    I am sorry I gave the impression the man hurt me..he didn' is just annoying to find the amount of liars on here.I say what I like and are seeking and I look for men to respect that. So many on here are just looking for sex.
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    Now Bubs why would you do that when you are gorgeous just the way you are!
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    Hey Bubs,

    would love to hear from you but am not a paying meember. Please drop me a line

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    Spoony...I am so sorry that you have been hurt, or misled by this guy. the end of the day, its the internet, and anyone can lie, cheat,mislead,decieve, ect ect.
    Its down to each individual to try and weed out the perverts and the cheats and the weirdos.
    We all just need to be careful, and although I am sorry you were hurt by this guy,maybe its a lesson learnt?
    I am sure most of us here have been hurt by people pretending to be someone they are not.
    I did think I might pretend to be young, skinny and blonde????
    You reckon I would get away with it