So, what is your favorite book and why? Entertainment and Hobbies

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    VeniVici write:
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,
    (by Betty Smith)

    Francie Nolan is a Brooklyn girl with a Brooklyn name and a Brooklyn accent. Her family are brave, devoted immigrants, struggling to survive and rise above the squalor, poverty and violence that surround their tenement home. But where's the humo(u)r?

    I read to cheer myself up or to educate myself further so although you will emphasise with others who are struggling to survive, it won't cheer you up, other than to make you think that you're glad that you aren't in that situation.
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    Any Tom 'Sharpe' book, like me he will have you laughing until your sides burst.
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    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,
    (by Betty Smith)
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    Anything by Tony Hillerman. Most take place in the Four Corners area and I used to live there. And being a pro wrestling geek, I've been reading all the autobiography's that are coming out. Some good with lots of behind the scenes stuff, some written by ghost writer and they remind me of the feel good books I read about athletes in grade school. Good ones, Ric Flair, Shawn Michael's, Steve Austin, and of course Mick Foley. Another good one is called Wrestlecrap, about all the lame and dumb gimmicks that have been tried. And I know for some that's redundant.
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    My all time favourite book must be The Shining by Stephen King...i read it in sixth grade for the first time...and every now and them still do...and it still scares me
    I also loved Silence of the Lambs...the movie was great but pales compared to the book
    and btw really...anything by Shel Silverstein counts in my book (no pun intended)
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    New around here, so hey to everyone!
    But I figured I'd add..
    my favorite book ever of all time is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. But since that probably doesn't count I'll say Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner, just because she gave a happy ending to a girl that reminded me more of myself than any character I've ever seen or read about ever ever ever.
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    My favorite authors would be Mercedes Lackey and Laura Hamilton. Though I have many that I read that I like a lot.

    I tend to find an author I like and try to read anything by them. I really like the Death series by JD Robb or the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

    I am the classical bookworm. Nothing like curling up with a good book to relax and get away from things.
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    My all time favourite is "Cry to heaven" by Anne Rice, though I normally can't stand her.. lol

    Then again I have so many books, I do not know the english title of.. hmm..
    I also have a few children's books on my fav-list..
    Maybe I'll get back to this topic lateron...
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    My favorite author for the moment is Janet Evanowich. I 'm current reading the 10th book of the Stephanie Plum series (the bounty hunter) funny!!! That's a book that need to be made into a movie!

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  • View author's info Posted on Jan 08, 2006 at 11:51 AM

    Mine would have to be Jane Eyre. Such a wonderful book about a woman who never compromises her principles and who doesn't settle for someone she knows she doesn't love.
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    I read the Color Purple in Seminary for an ethics class. Very Good yes wrote a paper on Sophie's psychological development. Used Erickson and A lesser know very important author called Carol Gilligan her book is "In a Different Voice" tremendous research in women development.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 06, 2006 at 04:30 PM

    The book that kept me "right there" was
    Small Sacrifices... You probably remember the mother in oregon that shot her 3 children for the love of a man that didn't want to commit to her because he wasn't ready for children... My heart was really heavy through out the book.... Tragic... I cried....
    I am almost finished with Wynonna Judd's "Coming Home To Myself".... A truly beautiful woman... She keeps it real, is accountable and very human... I'm really anxious to begin "Memoirs Of A Geisha"..... I was told it's excellent... Happy reading everyone!
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 06, 2006 at 02:51 AM

    Oh wow...I'd have to say my favorite books are...

    "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker
    The movie was amazing but the book is so much better! So beautiful and hopeful and redeeming. I loved it so much.

    "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving
    This book is funny and intelligent and full of the unexpected...and just truly a great, great book.

    And ANYTHING by Jane Austen. Because her books are engaging and witty and great romances and great stories.
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    I think mine would have to be Snowbrother. I read it about 7 years ago, but I loved the fact that during the climax of the book it looked like the good guys would surely triumph and they were horribly horribly, ... squished I guess.

    Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan
    Sword of Truth, Terry Goodkind

    those are my two favorite series.

    And of course ... THE STAND.... by Stephen King. Yes i actually read it. 1400 some odd pages maybe a few less... really good though.