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    Hi guys and gals. I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions about the chat room. Everyone is welcome. Please come. I think a good time is had by all. I have never seen anyone not be acknowledged. Some people are more quiet than others and some a very chatty. It does take time to get the swing of things and know most of the people. Just jump into any conversation and have fun. Soon everyone will know you and you will know them. If there is a clique it includes everyone.

    Yes there are some people with the little hammers. Yes I have one.They are called hosts. Yes they can ban you but won't unless you/someone is abusive or insulting, or incrediably graphic. Even then someone will say hey maybe you shouldn't say that. or something like it. If a topic makes you incomfortable speak up it is everyones room. We are adults and do tend to talk about adult things in adult and not so adult ways. It is suppose to be fun. NO one controls anything until things are out of hand. Wouldn't you appreciate it if someone was attacking you or being graphically suggestive if someone else could say hey knock it off or you will have to leave. Ok I just wanted to clear the air.

    The creator of the chat room has tried to made it a great experience for everyone,and I think she has suceeded. as always please excuse my typos. Hope to chat with you soon.

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    I just love the chatroom! I've made so many friends there and have had many good laughs! People there are very nice and always try to make you feel welcomed. I have found that the room brings comfort to those that need to talk about life's problems, as well as making everyone laugh like crazy!

    This is truly a room to share friendship, comfort, fun, and if you don't know anyone, you will soon find that you have friends from all over the world!

    Right now, I've met a lot of Aussies, so I'm starting to learn some Aussie slang. Its fun to share culture with friends and especially my new sweetie, a British guy who has lived in Oz for quite a while now. He still has a lovely English accent with a touch of Aussie. Very delightful to listen to!

    So, join us! You just never know who you might find!!

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    I love the chat also. I was very nrevous and shy (I know hard to believe) at first now I need my daily dose of laughs. You really get to meet all kinds of people, from all over the place. Give it a try, jump in, you never know you may meet the "one."
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    Seconded again! Its been a lot of fun, havent found anything offensive yet and the room moderators do a great job!
    (you little keepers of the hammers!!LOL)
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    Hi Rain!
    Thank you for your comments. I have enjoyed getting to know fun people including you on the chat room. L
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    ALL are welcome. It's an adult chatroom and if for any reason you find normal adult conversations offensive then just say and we shall endeavour to tone it down a little.