Why is it so hard to find a genuine relationship? Romance

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    I think,that everybody want
    s to fit in the partners idea how should he/she be..And in the end it comes out that he/she is tottaly fake..

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    People are not genuine in their profile, and then, the real man comes out. Men withhold information that will turn you off in the long run. They think that after some time, you go along with their bull loney or that bad habit that is driving you crazy.
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    Lots of parts from a few of you make sense to me Personally.

    Scarred from, To Fast, Only after Sex...

    However, I find that Myself in a relationship, I do tend to play a little, fun and spontaneous, small practical jokes, that sort of thing, keeps it all alive.

    The part that does make me nervous about "New" relationships is the trust factor. If I don't feel I can trust them, thats it over before it starts.

    I know the so called rules is "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" but in my case its at 6 the now.... 3 were BAD(1. Caught her in bed with another, 2. Interference from her Ex's and family, and 3. A 1 week stay in hospital from having my head mistaken as an Ironing Board) the other 3 were mutual break off's, it just sorta wasn't working (still friends with 2 of them)

    Anyways, we move on and try to mend, but it does play a part in your own "Karma" as in what to expect....

    Hence why I am so damned "Nutz" and funny most of the time, my barrier from getting hurt, heheheeeee.

    As for me and the future, I do believe there is someone out there just waiting to be found, it may be someone of similar tastes and views, or it might be a complete opposite, Whatever appears around the corner, Follow your HEART.

    Sorry for bringing the mood down.

    Hugz and Cuddles from a Daft Cuddly Scotsman
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    for me its seems that some men just never grow up they are still into playing games are to see what they can get off the woman that is all i want is a man that is not scared to commit and be just that a real man no game playing

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    Thank you Princessabibi..I really needed to read that...I totally agree
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    Sometimes people do not know their worth then they just settle for any old thing in a relationship. Know that we teach people how to treat us. From the beginning set standards, then neither person will get hurt. Do not give your heart too fast. Keep things light until you can read a person well. Also, get to know each other as people first before any intimacy takes place. Hold off on the sex. Hugging and kissing is fine. But anyone who wants to jump right into bed really cares nothing for you, and just want to get their selfish play on. Sometimes this too fast can ruin a relationship.
    Be careful, be safe, and have fun.
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    Because people are scared. And scarred from bad experience. Because people tend to put a wall up around their hearts. Because people tend to choose someone who they know is not good for them, but put up with it anyway because they don't believe that they can do better.

    Just my two cents.
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    someone real and who is TRUE to himself
    Just my random thought

    carry on :)

    Why cant I reply to your post myssdawn1
    anyhoo... I agree
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    I've been wondering the same thing. It's like no one really wants to work at a relationship, just have it fall in their laps perfectly.