But you have a pretty face, if only you lost some weight DATING

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    If I had a dollar for everytime I had that said to me....I would be a rich woman lol. Seriously its one of the biggest put downs you can say to a woman. I know that attraction is a physical thing at first...hey thats normal. I recently had a guy tell me that he would go out with me if I lost weight. That someone had the gall to say that out loud suprised me actually. Its like they are doing you a favour if they go out with you....I mean seriously lol. I dont think people date anymore...do they ? Everyone wants to rush things. Hey Im no prude, but take the time to get to know someone. A lot of fantastic, loving women are passed over because they arent pretty or thin enough. A lot of men are missing out on amazing women.
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    Some people think that by being mean and stupid they are in fact intelligent and nice... Tell them your brain is worse than your face and your heart is bigger than what they can see on the outside. It used to hurt too, but now, as I am older and "wiser", I interrupt them before the end and tell them that I like myself as I am and I don't need their approval, all with a big smile. Anyway, if you were to loose weight, those people would surely find other things to criticize (hairdo, clothes, etc.). 

    We have all heard that kind of "compliment" but honestly it is the first time I read about a family member offering to pay someone to loose weight...  

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    I agree. :( I get this all the time. It's just frustrating and rude. I wouldn't tell them that they'd be "beautiful if..." It's just insane.
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    I agree. If you like someone, or even love someone, the size of the heart outweighs the size of the body. Besides, if you are on this site, you already like/love a big body. Now it's time to discover what is truly under the exterior, which will further enhance the wonderful woman you already see!

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    Oohh, I know how that goes. I don't think people understand how hurtful things like that can be. I once had a family member say they would pay my to lose weight, wow. I was confused, I LIKE the size I am. When you get married, you do it for love, right? It's not all physical.
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    Quoting author:

    I hate when this kind of subject comes up, gives all of us men a bad rep. There are too many male jerks out there.

    Come on guys, beauty comes from within and the mind is the greatest sexual organ.

    dammit, right age, right attitude, wrong bloody continent, lol xx
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    I hate when men say that to. I completely agree that is disrespectful and rude to say to a woman. I live in Orange County, CA where a lot of people eat, and breath exercising 24/7. I love having meat on my body, and if a guy can't deal with that then he can keep moving.

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    I too have had that said to me - many times over a lot of years and not just by men but by 'well meaning' family members and friends etc. The other day my mum told me to lower my standards and not be so fussy with men. Errrmmmm - why should I? If i want someone who will treat me right and accept me for who I am then I will wait.
    There may be a lot of me but it's worth the best kind of love - in my opinion! lol
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    Agreed and usually the guys that say it are usually nothing special themselves
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    I have heard that saying time and time again as well.  You have a wonderful personality but your just too fat for me to date.  What would my friends say? 

    Ugh!  People with their proverbial heads stuck up their arse.  I mean seriously what do they think is going to happen to that size 0 when she goes off Adkins and gets pregnant... most of them end up bigger than any of us.

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    I agree with both of you. I have heard on various occassions the same thing. I have a pretty face. It is kind of like what about the rest of me. It is extremely insulting to tell someone you have a pretty face, but if only you would lose some weight. Weight should not take away from the beautiful wonderful person that you are inside. It is truly ignorance at it's best saying something like that.
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    Heheheh good point
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    The people who say that would probably be very nice people ..... if only they weren't so damned rude and ignorant!

    Those are harder features to lose than a few pounds of fat!