Face only pic vs Face & Full body pic Comments and Suggestions

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to bring up an issue that needs to be brought up. The issue is that many of the ladies on this site (not all) do not show their full body pics.  I think its only fair that all parties know what their counter part look like before spending the money to send an email.  I also think that the ladies will get a much better response if their prospective dates see if they are attracted to them or not.  Its not an issue of objectifying women or a fat fetish issue.  This same issue is just as important in the regular dating sites as it is in BBW sites.  If you want a man that will like you for who you are without seeing you then I think you will be sitting along time for that.  Why not take a bit of a gamble and be noticed by more people.  Sure we may notice you for your exterior beauty first but that then after that we (men not boys) see your inner beauty.

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    Men are just grown boys.   

    I've seen just as many profiles of men with only head shots as I have women.   Women have to spend money too, this isn't a one sided website where they get free upgraded profiles and men have to pay.

    I do notice actually that there have been many many men that not only don't post any kind of picture but they don't fill out their profiles as well.  I wonder how we'd know that there was someone worth contacting out there that we wanted to contact us back.

    So in conclusion, I think you made a good suggestion, it shouldn't be limited to women only though.