Tired of being a "successful", "independent", "pretty face" Romance

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    So, because I am a BBW, those are the compliments that are supposed to make me feel better? It's hard enough to find a relationship as a BBW, however, it's even worse when a man is intimidated by your success and independence. Why would they want a woman who depends only on them. All I really want from a man is a relationship. A partner, someone to have fun with, someone to be intimate with, someone to laugh, have great conversation with and be there for. Not someone who is competing with me. It's exhausting trying to be so many things to please a man in addition to finding those who don't mind a BBW.
    Whew....I must be doing something wrong. I have never expected a Man to be anything other than just that! Maybe those Men have met the wrong women, maybe that's the issue! Being single is so frustrating these days isn't it?
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    I think this describes everything that I have ever heard from people.

    I have also heard the... "stop looking and you'll find someone".  That might be all fine and dandy for skinny girls... but its hard to find a man who appreciates a BBW and doesn't try to change us or ask us to lose weight.  I actually had one guy say he loved my mind, my face, but could I lose some weight so he could stand to look at my body.

    It's a difficult world, and I'm wondering if there is the one out there for me.  *sigh*  I'm with you on that one.

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    Hey! That's totally my situation! I'have heard so many times how I'm beautiful and clever and cannot have problems to find a nice guy and yet - no one's knocking on my door. Ok, guys, here I am. let's have a talk at least! :)

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    Well ladies, All we can do is stay positive and stop looking, so i am told..Does that really work? I dont know, however everyone tells me that i am beautiful and this and that..but does that really help your life partner find you?..All I know is i am a very positive person and believe that it doesnt matter what size you are, if love is going to find you it will. I have never ran into men not wanting to be with me, it is me that doesn't want to settle for second best...So, ladies always go after what you want and don't settle....And when we say to ourselves "Am i doing something wrong", we are not...
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    Ditto Goodwoman11 if I didn't know any better I would swear you just described me too!!

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    Hello Goodwoman11!

    I hear you on that. Today's society is so fixated on thin people, it's hard for us BBWs to find someone who might actually be interested in us.

    What I find funny is that a few guys I've spoken to cannot believe that I have a difficult time finding a guy interested in me. Hello, I'm still single and if I'm not with my friends for the weekend, I'm doing something by myself.

    Sometimes I even wonder if I'm doing something wrong - lol.

    Good luck with your search.
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