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    Since I've been a member of this site, I'd read someones profile which more often than not says someting to the effect "Where are all the good men". Than seems to be the universal battle cry of the ladies in just about every state/country. But yet, when I scroll down to that members preferences in a man I usually see in the entry marked "ethnicity"; caucasion. Ladies, there are plenty of good men out there but you have to open your mind and broaden your way of thinking about people. You have to allow yourself to treat someone as a person...not a skin color. When you limit yourselves to one or two ethnicities...you've probably eliminated that good man you're trying so hard to find. Everyone has had at least one negative experience with people of other ethnicities...but can we really allow ourselves to judge all be the actions of a few or what some friend might have told us, or some old wives tale or because of something one may have seen on television. As always ladies...the choice is yours but you severly limit the number of "good men" you might find when you limit yourself to only one or two colors of the rainbow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that "good men", like "good women" come in all colors and one can make your life just as rich as the other or one can make your life just as miserable as the other. Thats my two cents worth. Take what you will and leave the rest. Lloyd

    p.s. By the way...my quest is for ONE "good woman"....color isn't an issue.
    Take care, Be Well and please Be Safe
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    I bet its you lol
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    gentle master, i would love to find a black man who matched me in lifestyle, values, and goals.

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    hey jenny i like the new pic its a nice one for you
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    MrGW.... are you in the cloning business? Since you aren't officially "available", I'd settle for a clone!
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    I can help you women; I know where there is one handsome, nice, honest, worldly, friendly (unless you annoy him)guy. Did I mention that he's someone I know? Take a guess, first correct answer gets a special prize.
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    Oh, c'mon dude, all the good guys live in SoCal!! It's, like, ya'know, whatever.
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    Hi there.

    I tend to agree with the fact that people are limiting themselves. But, all people are allowed to have their own personal preferences. If for whatever reason you feel the need to be seeking out white people, or catholic people or whatever, its your right.

    As much as an idealist and romantic as I am, I firmly believe that the success of a relationship isn't solely dependent on love. People need to think alike, or at least fully understand their partner's thought process. You need to be consistent and uniform in how you manage your finances, your potential children, your home.

    Love can cover a multitude of differences, and odd couples can work. (Work being a key word in ALL relationships) Yet, as I learned in a different thread after having a rash reaction to another member here, we are all here looking for something and someone. And usually, its a good idea to already know a little about what we are looking for. It doesnt make us hypocrites or bad people. It makes us human, and we are all different.

    I wish you nothing but luck, and don't give up. Someone is out there, probably searching for someone just like you. Don't get discouraged because someone hasn't given you a chance. Thats part of the journey, as hurtful as it can be. It will make your time with that special someone all the sweeter.