Men and the Paranormal DATING

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    I am a typically normal woman, I'm not Goth, I work as an Admin Assistant in HR, I'm very happy and giggly, so what is it with these men when they find out I am a skeptical paranormal investigator, they get scared to death. Especially out here in Seattle, I have not dated a man yet that likes scary movies or anything about ghosts.  I love those things, it just doesn't make any sense. THere is no way I can date someone that doesn't like that stuff and would insist that I don't do it. It just wouldn't work out.  I want to know if there are actually men out there that DO like Ghost hunters or Ghost Adventures or have ever been in a group. Or if you didn't like it, would you let your girlfriend/wife go out in dark scary places walking around with tons of scientific equipment trying to prove the existence of spirits...I'm still a skeptic but have had something happen that I can't explain.  It's a lot of fun.


    See?  My picture isn't THAT scary... lol

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    I happen to love ghosty things. I think for most guys, they like it, but are scared that theyll get creeped out and jump or scream really loud. So they kust play it off as stupid