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    Ok so as my profile says I'm a big, beautiful woman who's comfortable in her own skin, BUT, just recently I decided to lose some weight. Now my decision to lose was NOT mainly for vanity purposes...although I do think I'll be even hotter once I shed some poundage, lol...but instead I'm losing to feel better physically. While I don't have any major health problems (.e., high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.) I've lost weight before and liked the tremendous amount of energy it gave me...not that I don't have any now, I just had way more when I lost the last time.

    Anywho, here's my problem...Some of my plus sized friends (female AND male, mind you), family members are giving me a lot of flack because I'm losing. They are trying to argue that I'm not as 'comfortable in my own skin' as I say I am because of that. They say that if I was truly happy being a big girl that I wouldn't be trying to lose weight. I have explained to them time and time again why I'm doing what I'm doing, but they don't get it and are constantly trying to sabotage my weight loss efforts every chance they get.

    Some of my friends won't even talk to me anymore now that I've started to slim down.

    Hopefully someone here can give me some insight on what the deal is and how to handle it.

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    Don't let them stop u. but maybe they feel u might change. Yes we know we look good and we feel good about ourself, but I had a friend and she lost 70bs..( She looks great) and I'm happy for her and We still do everything we when she was bigger nothing has changed. But I have noticed her attitude.now nothing is wrong with confidence, but sometimes she gets carried away and things shes better than everyone.
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    If you are comfortable with your diet plans Do not let anyone try to discourage you. It is your body not the so-called friends or family. My wife and I just went on the Cabbage Soup Diet to shed a few pounds. You would be surprised at the number of people who tried to lure us into eating foods that were not on the diet. Stick to your guns and lose as much as you want to. Just remember that excercise is important also. Love and God bless. Art