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    A person (like me) doesn't go to bars.

    Is in a work environment where he meets zero members of the opposite sex (like me..unless I get a new UPS driver that is female I suppose).

    Their hobby/fav recreation/passion is one where they almost never see single members of the opposite sex (for me this is golf).

    Pretty much every friend is married with kids and the introductions they provide are few and far between. 

    I get so frustrated with people telling me retail stores or church.  I'm spiritual but not religious and I am not going to pretend to be something I am not to pick up women.  I also think it disrespects those there to practice their faith.  I'm also not inclined to wander up to a stranger,  tap them on the shoulder, ask if they are single, and strike up a conversation.  I'm outgoing but not that outgoing.   I would guess that probably a lot of single men and women would like it if that happened to them but think about this....A.  Do you want all those people you are not attracted to tapping you on the shoulder in public? and B. it's one thing to get the tap but quite another to be the tapper...would you be comfortable approaching a stranger in public?  It's not that easy of a thing to do.

    So where/how does a guy like me go to meet women?  Bars/Clubs/Parties make it easier because alcohol is the greatest matchmaker in history.  To use a baseball analogy, it sure seems like booze hits a lot of singles and not too many home runs.  Booze makes the process easier, for sure.  Have a few drinks, make eye contact, the inhibitions drop, the insecurity fades away and judgement starts rolling downhill, and pretty soon it's easy to meet people.   However, in my experience, very few of those ever pan out.  If you are on this site, booze has yet to find the one, right? 

    So.....who knows of a good place to meet single people?  Help a guy out here. Please exclusde online dating sites.  I signed up today so I'm aware of this option.  I suspect it's a lot like booze.  Lots of singles or swings and misses. But maybe that's the way this is supposed to be.  Perhaps flakes and bad matches are the norm rather than the exception in life, no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

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    I have the same issue with trying to find someplace to meet a man.